Members of the dread Boko Haram yesterday killed at least 17 persons in Jibe, Disha, Patawe, Kwatara and Hambagda villages of Borno State over their failure to give the terrorists food items to give in exchange for their lives.
Spokesman of the Traders Association in Gwoza, Malam Mohammed Umar revealed to an online paper that they now bring food to pay for their lives before they cross between Gwoza and Limankara.
According to him, the 11 kilometer road linking Gwoza to Limankara is the only road from Mubi and as such, traders were finding it difficult to bring in goods.
He said, “Sometimes we wait for one week or ten days at Madagali before the troops from Gwoza come to lead us through the Limankara – Gwoza route; otherwise, the insurgents would come out and collect all the food items.
“Our problem is that if we are bringing tomatoes, we usually end up with rotten tomatoes because it cannot wait for one week or ten days.”
Mohammed said, apart from the traders, any other person crossing the road must carry some food items for the insurgents.
Asked what he has observed in Gwoza in the last six months since the liberation of the town by Nigerian troops, he said, “apart from us (traders) who usually bring food, only soldiers and few returnees are in Gwoza town.
“The whole villages around Gwoza is empty; nobody is living there except the Boko Haram members who are using bicycles now due to lack of fuel.”

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