OPERATION SAFE Haven, OPSH, deployed to restore law and order in Plateau and Bauchi state has banned the use of the popular commercial tricycle at night. Commander of the OPSH, Major General Rogers Nicholas, said the ban has became necessary fleeing members of Boko Haram may take advantage of it to attack soft targets. Gen Nicholas stated this in his maiden media briefing to newsmen on current security
developments in the state. General Nicholas also said crime in Jos city is on the increase, noting that OPSH had arrested over 120 crime suspects in the last the few weeks adding that the suspects have been handed over to the police for full investigation. “However, due to current security situation in the state we have taken measures to spoil the plan of these criminals, one of such measure is we have banned the use of Tricycle at night from 9pm till 5am. This is because the use of Tricycle at night is posing serious security risk to us in the state.
“In addition, we will begin to enforce to total ban on motorcycle within Jos metropolis. There is law banning the use of motorcycle in this state, the law has not been fully enforced, we shall ensure full enforcement of that law immediately. “We are also going to drive market women from around the Terminus market, because the population of the market is increasing and such huge population can be of great security risk considering recent experience of repeated bombing of the market. “We are going to increase the
regular stop and search routine on roads in the state. The actions we are taking should not be seen as abuse of rights of citizens especially the commercial Tricycle users, but should be seen as action taken in the interest of safety of lives and properties. Though we belief the rise in crime could be attributed to mass unemployed youths in the state, but police investigation will reveal the true identity of the criminals. All we have to let the people know is that they should be vigilant at all times to avoid these criminals hiding among them.

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