IPOB condemns killing of Christians in North, attacks by Fulani herdsmen, amalgamation of 1914
Biafra agitators

Residents of Enugu metropolis did not obey the sit-at-home call yesterday made by pro-Biafra groups, IPOB and MASSOB as markets, shops, banks, schools, and offices were opened for business, Nigerian Pilot reports.

It can be recalled that the pro-Biafra agitators had exhorted everybody all over the world to stay at home yesterday in protest against the continued detention of the Radio Biafra Director, Mr. NnamdiKanu and other agitators.

Although it was observed that some people in obedience to the call did not open their shops, it was clear that the Coal City residents defied the stay at home appeal.

From Garriki in Enugu South to Ogbete, all businesses premises were open for business and children went to school unmolested. Transporters were carried on with their businesses as if nothing happened.

Investigation shows that the second largest city in Enugu State, Nsukka did not obey the call either as people went about their normal businesses.

“There is nothing like sit-at-home here. People are going about their businesses,” a resident of Nsukka told Nigerian Pilot.

In anticipation for a possible protest or riot over the call, police and soldiers were seen stationed at strategic positions in Enugu metropolis with unsmiling faces.

The appeal was however heed in some cities in the South East, according to releases from IPOB and MASSOB leadership made available to the media.

IPOB congratulated everybody that participated in the civil disobedience all over the world not Nigeria alone.

“The indigenous people of Biafra IPOB worldwide and the Directorate of State DOS congratulate the people of Biafra worldwide, friends of Biafra, lovers of freedom all over the world for their supports towards the successful sit at home order and successful protest across the globe in solidarity for the release of our leader prophet NnamdiKanu and for restoration of Gods nation Biafra.

“The protest took place in all the continents of the world, countries in Europe ,America, south America, Australia, some Asian and African countries.

“The countries that witnessed the protests are USA, Brazil, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, Israel, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Spain, Italy, UK, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, UAE, south Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Gabon, Togo, Kenya, Australia, Sweden Denmark, scandevanin and China, and other countries which I cannot mention here.

“Here in BiafralandAbia, Anambra, Enugu, Rivers, Bayelsa, AkwaIbom. Cross Rivers, Imo, Delta and etc. were shut down in solidarity with the quest for the restoration of Biafra,” IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful states.

“MASSOB hails Biafrans for complying and adhering to our National demands, our calls and demand for a civil disobedience against Nigeria state. It is for the general interest of Biafrans. MASSOB gladly salutes the the people of Biafra for their love, confidence and trust bestowed on IPOB, MASSOB and other Biafra agitating groups, the effect of today’s civil disobedience further proved that MASSOB and IPOB are major factors to be reckons with in the affairs of Ndigbo and Nigeria in general.

“MASSOB demand for the immediate and unconditional release of MaziNnamdi KANU, Benjamin Onwuka, ChidiebereOnwudiwe and other detained pro Biafra agitators in Nigeria prisons mostly in Onitsha and Awka. The more these Biafran Jews are detained, Nigeria will continue to experience economic, political and diplomatic phenomenon that always cripple her system of existence.

“We see the heavy downpour that crippled scanty activities in Onitsha as a divine intervention and endorsement by ChukwuOkikeAbiama (God of Abraham). MASSOB sees President Buhari as our pharaoh of Egypt who stubbornly refuses to harken unto the voice and instructions of his servants but decided to challenge God, MASSOB warn that soon Nigeria will start experiencing the horrors of God’s wrath because of her persecution, killings, marginalization and dishonouring of the Biafran Jews,” leader of MASSOB, UchennaMadu declares.