North not Afraid of restructuring – Yakassai

Elder statesman and chairman, Northern Elders Forum, NEC Alhaji Tanko Yakassai has canvassed the need for Nigerians to live together in order to unleash the potentials of the country as a unified entity.
Speaking exclusively with Nigerian Pilot in Kano, Yakassai said that people in majority are the guarantee of stability in any nation and therefore, urged minority groups to closely work with majority towards achieving a nation that is good for all.
He insists that the only way Nigeria can take its pride of place in the comity of nations is for it to remain one indivisible entity.
According to him, “The way some people are talking – dividing this country into six zones.
“What is worrying me is that I know the history of this country, he maintained. When Biafra republic was declared, it’s the other Nigerians that make it possible for the minorities in the East to have their self determination in their states. If there was no Nigeria they would have gone to Biafra forever. If we are divided today, and if the South-east zone is a region, one day they will overrun South-South if there is no Nigeria.
“So you need the Hausas, Yorubas, Ishekiri and others to go and rescue them. In fact, the people there will not want to invade the Southeast or South South because of the fear of the other people that will come and rescue them. “So, I’m terribly disappointed when I heard a man talking about dividing the country.”This is the man who was trying to be a presidential candidate recently to rule Nigeria one day; he is trying to destroy it.
“All you need in this country is to introduce programmes that will create employment or self employment and make people happy.
Yakasai who spoke on why he consistently opposed Obasanjo and Buhari government, also queried the rationale behind the suffering Nigerians are going through under the present administration, claiming not to be corrupt.
“How come that now that the money is not being stolen, we are in poverty.
Because if people are stealing the money, the country should be suffering, but they did not suffer, now the money is not being stolen but people are suffering.
“We can’t get there over night, but sooner or later we must drop this Presidential system. It is expensive and has taken away all the money in Nigeria. We hold five different elections and give electoral commission huge money to conduct elections, five different ballot papers, electoral officers. On top of that huge amount of money for litigation because immediately election is over, somebody will go to court and INEC as a matter of defence too, will be joined in the petition. The lawyers they hire in tribunal are not the same one that will argue their case when it goes to appeal court. And is not the same lawyer that will stand for their case if the matter goes to Supreme Court. This process calls for a lot of money to be spent. Too expensive that, I understand they don’t take Naira but dollars.
“For political parties, you have to look for money, huge enough, for your party to nominate you so as to become their candidates for councillor, local government chairman, State assembly, governor, national Assembly and president.
“This involves huge amount of money. Look at the money they are talking about now that Jonathan sent to PDP people. And governors are now saying that Buhari spent the same amount of money, if not more, otherwise he wouldn’t have defeated Jonathan. Yes, it is common sense.
“Over time, People will know who and who collected money from Buhari, he may deny, but the truth is there. He knows it himself and those who contributed the money that made it possible.
“And see how he is compensating them – the super ministers are those who made huge contribution and those who dedicated themselves to providing Aircraft to fly the campaign team all over the country.
He noted that everybody that contested elections must have their posters.
“You must have five different posters. It’s what drives this country to bankruptcy. Sooner or later we will reach a stage where we will not have money to organise election in this country. So it’s not a question of restructuring, adding that Nigeria population symbolised future economic power nation if coexisted continuously.
“We are about 180 million in population and if we continue, we will be an economic power.”Divided we fall, united we stand”.
“ We are five destination of investment in Africa, he said, pointing out that “Its Boko Haram terrorist activities that brought us down. So if we continue as a single country, we will make it.
Lamenting, he said, “Let me tell you one story that Enahoro started at the time Obassanjo was military Head of state. “When Enahoro formed his National Reformation Council, NRC, he came to my house here in Kano, and trying to convince me. I said look, Tony, you want to cheat God that created you and your people as a minority. You cannot cheat nature. There is no way you can change majority to minority. There is nothing anybody can do to Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo. You can’t kill them. You can’t go to God and tell him to send thunder storm to destroy them. The moment you kill the three major tribes, the minority will begin to fight one another. It happened in South Sudan.
immediately they were given independence they started fighting themselves, killed more people than they killed when they were fighting Northern Sudan, and it will happen in Nigeria if you eliminate the majority tribes, he noted.
“The people in majority are the guarantee of stability.
On whether he is advocating stoppage of anti corruption war, the old breed politician and founder of NEPU said, “Let me tell you something; why I’m opposed to Obasanjo is why I’m opposed to Buhari.
“I studied the psyche of the military men. I’ve never seen anywhere in the world were a military man follows the tenant of true democracy because is not in their system.
“They are only used to obey the order, rightly or wrongly, and they expect you to obey them right or wrong. You cannot argue with them. It’s not part of their life to debate or listen to superior argument. “So, all they are saying is because they employed extra judicial method to
collect this money from these people. The people, out of fear, surrendered their money.

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  • Emeka Ndukwe

    Hear this idiot say “people in majority are the
    guarantee of stability in any nation”. So they these beasts are the
    guarantee we need to live. One can see that these beasts don’t
    even consider that the other ethnic nationalities and federating states
    that formed Nigeria in the beginning have their rights to reject being
    bundled together with them. Freedom of choice is not in their
    language. These gluttonous degenerates of barbaric origin thinks that
    Nigeria dropped from the skies by their demonic god and with their
    tribe in the majority, and therefore all the other people have lost their
    freedoms and rights to live on their own.

    This particular one talks about Biafra overrunning
    South South and you ask him “what is the difference between Biafra and
    South South?” He shows how they always long for enmity between the
    peoples of the east. I have discovered this to be the major prayer point of
    most Yorubas and these barbarians called Hausa-Fulani and their neighbors. All
    they pray for, be it on their dirty shrines, or in their churches, is that Ibos
    and their brothers should not be together whilst they themselves are one with
    their own minorities. This dirty slut says without knowing it that “Biafra
    will overrun Biafra”. So what sense is he making.

    He can say this because it is the mentality with which
    they dwell in Nigeria -the mentality of empire and control. They think the Ibos
    are like them – beast of hunting (i.e. dogs). But let it be known by all
    that Ibos do not have an empire mentality and have never had empires. Ibos do
    not have the mentality of a unit fighting to control other units; in fact, we
    are always in small pieces. Even within Ibo land, things are done in an orderly
    manner. In Imo state where I hail from, the governorship is moved from Owerri
    zone to Orlu, and then Okigwe zone. We do not behave like these animals that
    call themselves arewa.

    Common sense will also tell anyone that it is only in the
    Biafra land, i.e. the east, that there is no dominant ethnic group even though
    there is one that is larger than the rest. The Yorubas have minorities, at
    least we know of Egun, Igbira, and a few others. These people a swallowed up by
    the Yoruba and they don’t seem to exist; most especially because the empire
    mentality of the Yorubas by which they had old Oyo, Ife and co
    empires conquered people and put them under. The Hausa have several
    minorities but no one knows about them because both the Hausa and
    Fulanis had empires with which those people were swallowed up. But look at
    the east, what you see is that all the ethnic group retain their clear
    identities. None is swallowed up because the Ibos did not have an empire
    mentality; neither did they fight to conquer any of the smaller tribes. So
    someone should tell this mammoth idiot to bury his head in shame. Even in the
    present Nigeria, it is still the Ibos that are calling for rotational
    presidency because it makes for peace and is inline with our orderly way of
    doing things.

    This idiot thinks of the way they have been struggling in
    Nigeria and want to create the impression that we are like them.
    Perhaps he is also telling his so called “South South” that he has
    been overrunning them for the past 50 year; tip-toeing and pussy-footing
    over their lands, drilling oil, selling, and using it to develop his god-forsaken
    land. To these people, whenever they think of associating with anyone, the
    first thing they think about is how to use barbaric brutish behaviors to take
    control, and in his own word, “overrun” the person. That is why this
    nauseating bastard is making such a despicable statement.

    Let this fool know that
    Biafra knows the nationalities that make it up. They are Ibos nation, Ijaw
    nation, Akwa-cross nation, and the Ogojas. All these nations are equal in
    government and will live in harmony. We share the same culture and mentality,
    and are not beasts like them. We have been living together before the white man
    came and joined us to the other reckless and unprogressive ethnic groups
    and we shall still live together without rancor.