Fuji Musician, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, the leader of the Oganla music clan in the Fuji music circle clocked 48 last Thursday, November 27. Despite numerous well wishes coming the way of the Fuji star, his first daughter’s message stood out and it has attracted so much interest for revealing so much about the music act which may not be known to his fans. Wasilat Odetola in an emotional message to her father eulogized her father for being caring and teaching her basis of living life.
“Happy Birthdayyy to the Most Caring and Loving Father anyone could ask for You are so HardWorking and such a Gentle Heart and I Love you with Everything in MeI’m so Lucky to have you as my FATHER You have Taught me how to Live LIFE and how to Love like Crazy to those who Deserve it… You’ve been able to teach me that Embracing my Faults as well as my Strengths and using ‘both’ is where True Strength of Character is found”
Wasilat, who was among millions of Muslims who performed the Holy pilgrimage in 2015 courtesy her father, further wrote, “Thank You for Never saying, “I Told You So” but instead you simply pick me up and gently nudge me towards the realisations of what went wrong and how to choose more wisely the Next Time and Thanks for helping me to realise that Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, or one will never make it through in one piece! Thanks for teaching me to always stand on my own two feet but also to know that it’s important to know how to ask for help and lean on others when it is Necessary. Because of you, I know that any Boy can be a Prince but not just anyone can become a KING GOD definitely didn’t make a mistake 48 years ago bringing you into this World You were put here to be an amazing son, brother, friend and an amazing awesome Father that you are”
She concluded by giving a hint of what to expect in 2017 when her father clocks 50. “Man oh Man I can write a story from when I was younger up till this very moment but I’m not going to do that today (Y’all should wait on it 2017 is almost here I wish you only the Best because you Deserve Nothing Less May the Best of your Past only be the Worst of your Future. Happy Birthdayyy to the World’s Number 1 Dad #IAmBlessed #IAmGrateful #HappyBirthdayFather #HappyBirthdayPapaLee #HappyBirthdayToMyNumber1Celebrity #IAmABigFan #DaddysLittleGirl #DaddysGirl #FatherRocksAt48 #YouAreGettingOld. I LOVE You NOW and ALWAYS My Sunshine.”

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