IN AN attempt to position its
product in the Nigerian market
after a successful outing in Texas
USA, in 2006, DGI Beverages
have introduced Black Iguana,
a premium ready-to-drink wine
based Margaritas drink .
The product offers variants such as Lime Margaritas, Strawberry
Flavour, Peach, Coconut Pina
Flavour, the new Black Iguana
continued to appeal to more
consumers across demography.
Speaking at a media parley
at the Protea Hotel, Ikeja, the
President and Founder, DGI
Beverages, manufacturers of Black
Iguana Margarita, Mr. Earl Castor informed that the brand is a readyto-
drink refreshing beverage that
does not require any mixer, blender
or concoction.
‘‘Unlike other beverages in the
market, our trademark, hand
contoured pouches allow consumers
to drink directly from it without
creating any additional clean up.
The uniquely designed Black
Iguana Margarita pouch is visually
stimulating and drives sales among
both male and female consumers’’.
Castor said.
The Black Iguana pouches have
re-closable spouts to increase and
prolong consumer experience;
consumption can be done straight
out of the pouch or poured into
glass; thus making it very flexible
and user-friendly.
Explaining further Castor hinted
that the Black Iguana is in Nigeria
to pep-up party experience
and give consumers a uniquely
exciting party feeling. He added
that ‘‘the journey to Nigeria
began about 2 years ago and we
have completed all regulatory
processes and requirements to
enable us market the brand freely
in Nigeria. Black Iguana is already
in marts, stores, supermarkets,
Hotels. Also, adequate plans
have been put in place to ensure
regular supply of the product as
well as infrastructure to support
the marketing drive”.
Black Iguana cocktails are
ready-to-drink and can be enjoyed
straight from the pouch or served
chilled over ice, slushy or frozen.
The perfectly blended 10oz singleserve
Black Iguana pouches
contain 5.5% alcohol volume and
are available in 4 variants.
He said the test marketing
exercise is currently ongoing
to enable his company gather
information on the preferences
of the very unique Nigerian
market, its consumers and their
According to Castor as the
Black Iguana continues to
penetrate the highly competitive
market space, the company
will be eager to set up its base
in Nigeria. ‘‘With all these in
place, we are sure of delivering a
wonderful Margarita experience
to Nigerians”. He said

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