A Kano bound train from the Iddo terminal of the Nigeria Railway Corporation, Lagos has been involved in a ghastly accident with over 100 persons feared dead, according local eye witness accounts.
Though there is confirmed number of casualties from the Police or authorities of the Railway corporation, the accident occurred in the early hours of yesterday (Saturday) shortly after Jebba in Kwara state.
Reports available to our correspondent indicated that the accident happened when the engine room which housed the train driver and some technical personnel got disconnected from the baggage and passengers wagon, derailing the train and resulting to the death of many passengers reportedly over 100.
This paper gathered from account of local eye witnesses that from the bodies they saw littering the scene of accident the figures were much close to a hundred as many of the passengers who died were said to have fallen from the roof top of the couches as well as those who hung on the corridor and sides of the train .
The wagons were said to be carrying various items including travelers who sat inside the other wagons meant for passengers.
However efforts to get details of the accident from officials of the NRC in Niger and Kwara state was unsuccessful, they nonetheless admitted that a Kano- bound train from Lagos derailed.
But a senior staff of the NRC in Lagos who spoke to this paper on the condition of anonymity confirmed the accident. The top officer explained that the dislocation may have resulted in the loss of control by the engine room and the driver.
He though did not rule out sabotage but explained that some top management of the corporation have since travelled to the scene to ascertain the true position of the accident
“It is true that the accident occurred, the corporation’s top official said, adding that it may also be sabotage but noted that management will investigate the immediate and remote cause of the accident.
Sources also told this paper that those who survived were also rushed to nearby medical facilities for medical attention.
It will be recalled that the last time such a calamity befell the corporation was sometimes in 1975.

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