As the Nigerian military intensifies its onslaughts on the dreaded members of the Boko Haram sect, the sect members, bent on unleashing more havoc on the Nigerian people, seem to be coming up with different tactics towards executing their nefarious plans.
Last Sunday, suspected members of the sect attacked Kwajafa Village in Borno state where they killed 24 persons, injured over 12 others, as well as set the village mosque on fire. Media reports had it that the insurgents, who rode to the town in Volkswagen Golf cars on Sunday evening, told the villagers that they were there to preach, but al as, the terrorists opened fire on them as soon as they gathered an appreciable number of the villagers in the square. Even some of the residents, who were in a mosque at the time of the attack, were not spared as the insurgents set them ablaze.
On many occasions, these terrorists have disguised as soldiers, women and refugees just to get to their prime targets and perpetuate their reprehensible acts.
Since last year, young girls are being brain-washed and used by terrorists as suicide bombers to penetrate a rather difficult targets. This new wave of insurgency is rather disturbing in view of the fact that these female suicide bombers have suddenly become weapons of mass destruction.
For instance, the 16-old-year female suicide bomber, who blew herself up at the gate of the North-West University, Kano on July 27, 2014, was said to have concealed explosives in her hijab heading to her target before she was prevented by keen and vigilant security operatives.
This year alone, over five female suicide bombers have struck at different locations in the North, leaving behind their trial death, sorrow and tears.
Regrettably, such disguises have afforded these insurgents the opportunity to wreak untold havoc on the general wellbeing of the people, thus leaving them in perpetual fear and agony. It is sad that many innocent Nigerians in the North East have met their untimely death trying to take cover from terrorists, who disguise just to take their pounds of flesh.
As the Nigerian military continues to checkmate the heinous activities of these terrorists, it is instructive that they should devise ways of beating these terrorists who now disguise to target hapless and harmless people. Nevertheless, they should also intimate these villagers, who know little or nothing about security, on how they can identify such insurgents.
Perhaps, this development has further underscored the urgent need for all Nigerians to always be vigilant and security conscious. As the military personnel cannot be everywhere at the same time, it is time for all Nigerians, especially those in the North-East, to show concern and be responsive to the lingering security challenges within and outside their environment. Thus, the only way we can keep preventing and frustrating the effort of these terrorists is to stay alert and report suspicious persons and movements to the police.
Going by Sunday’s attack, it has become imperative for everyone to stay alert in order to stay alive. The lackadaisical attitude being exhibited by some people in the face of insurgency has done more harm than good to the country. Since security is a collective responsibility, Nigerians must see it as part of their core civic responsibility to give timely and accurate information to security personnel on matters of national security.