Federal High Court in Wawa Cantonment, Kainji, Niger State, yesterday, sentenced a commander of the Boko Haram terrorist group, Abba Umar, to 60 years imprisonment for various acts of terrorism.
The 22-year old, who was remorseless and maintained a hard look throughout the proceedings, confirmed that he would return to Sambisa Forest to continue with terrorism if he is ever released.
He had been in detention since 2014 after his failed suicide mission to a school in Gombe State that year.
Two of the five counts preferred against him attracted death penalty, but the judge said he decided to impose lesser sentences after taking into consideration the age of the convict and the fact that he must have been exposed to “ excessive and consistent religious indoctrination” which made him to be easily pliable .
The judge added that “For count 3, I sentence you to 60 years imprisonment. I would have been more merciful, but was dissuaded by the convict’s insistence that he would go back to the activities which constitute a danger to the society and for which he was apprehended.”
Umar was 18 when he was arrested after his failed suicide mission to Gombe Secondary School, Gombe State, in 2014.
During the trial yesterday, Umar confirmed that the 17 pictures tendered by the prosecution as exhibits showing him, the car and the IEDs used for the failed operation were true and authentic.
While testifying, the convict, who said he married two wives at the Sambisa Forest after joining the sect, described himself as “an Islamic warrior and a commander in the Islamic army”.
The convict, who spoke in Hausa and his testimony interpreted in English during the proceedings, confirmed that as a commander in the Boko Haram sect, he had over 100 lieutenants under him.

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