Latest video footage seized by Nigeria’s military has shown that the terror group is being controlled by foreigners.
The raw video recovered from the terrorists in captured Boko Haram camps gives clear evidence that foreigners hold top power positions within the ranks of the sect, as the Nigerian troops discovered undisputable evidence that Boko Haram is heavily influenced by foreign jihadists.
Director of Defence Information, Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade has confirmed two weeks ago that the Nigerian army had recovered video recordings of the villainous crimes committed by the Boko Haram terrorists.
Last Monday, General Olukolade confirmed in a statement that thousands of foreign currency was found on a dead terrorist commander who was killed during its operation in Dikwa, Borno State, on May 23.
“The terrorist is believed to be of foreign descent,” Olukolade asserted.
According to report published on, Nigerian military said they had conclusive evidence of foreign influence on Boko Haram.
A senior military representative who declined to be identified told journalists that, “The foreigners carry arms and fight alongside the other terrorists. They are also experts and trainers.”
One of the excerpts of the video footage from Boko Haram camp shows a man speaking in Sudanese Arabic, whose face is completely covered by a white turban, administering sharia judgments in front of a crowd in a field stained with blood.
“God ordered all believers to enforce his punishments,” says the man to camera. “God ordered us to cut off the hand of the thief and flog the adulterer and adulteress.”
His words were translated to the crowd by a preacher repeating them into a loudspeaker in Hausa. The man appeared to be overseeing at the gathering called to implement sharia law.
The video also shows a man wearing a black turban, not typical in north-eastern Nigeria. He seemed to be understanding Arabic, as he occasionally nodded in agreement with the man in white turban, while another militant appearing to be foreigner waved Boko Haram black flag behind them.
In other parts of the film, captives were flogged and some of them had hands amputated. One man is buried up to his head in a pit and stoned to death.
The military experts say the distinctive Mandara mountain range seen in the background showed that these atrocities took place somewhere in south-eastern Borno State near the town of Gwoza.
“This video helps document their atrocities as evidence in the event of any trial,” a senior military representative told, adding that “to understand their pattern or mode of operation … and equipment in their possession with other information, is vital for intelligence.”

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