Boko Haram
Boko Haram

boko=haramBoko Haram
terrorists have reportedly
retaken Marte town in
Borno State, one of the
states hit hard by the
insurgents in the last six
Nigerian Pilot Sunday
recalls that this is the
third time Boko Haram
has seized control of
Marte, which was
recently recaptured by
the military as part of
its counterterrorism
campaign in the North-
East Nigeria.
Nigeria has launched
an offensive against the
terrorists with regional
support by Chad,
Cameroon and Niger
aimed at wiping out
the terror group but
according to AFP reports,
the insurgents last Friday
forced hundreds of
soldiers to flee Marte, in
a renewed attack on the
Nigerian state.
Local officials and
witnesses claimed that
the terrorists, numbering
over 2,000, appeared from
various directions last
Thursday and engaged
the soldiers in Kirenowa
town and adjoining
communities in Marte.
A local community
leader, Imamu Habeeb
said, “the terrorists
fought with soldiers over
the night and the fight
continued today (Friday),
forcing hundreds of
soldiers to flee.”
Local fighter, Shehu Dan
Baiwa, also confirmed
that the more than 2,000
fighters were armed with
bombs and tanks.
“They used the weapons
without restraint and
succeeded in killing
several people,” he said.
A senior local politician
also confirmed, on
condition of anonymity,
that the insurgents had
retaken Marte.
A senior military official
confirmed the attack on
Marte, but refused to say
whether Boko Haram
had retaken the town,
describing the army’s
retreat as “strategic”.
Boko Haram, within the
week reportedly forced
Nigerian troops to retreat
from Boko Haram’s
Sambisa Forest stronghold
after a landmine blast
killed one soldier and
three vigilantes.

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