Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State said residents are proud of the invaluable services of the Nigerian armed forces to the peace and security of the state and nation, especially in defeating Boko Haram terrorists.
Speaking at the 18th Combat Service Support Training Week of the Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport in Benin City, Oshiomhole said the army has gone beyond their call of duty in protecting the territorial integrity of the nation, to also ensuring internal security.
“I cannot imagine what would have become of this state in terms of security if we have not had the support of the armed forces going beyond their conventional call of duty to support the police and State Security Service to ensure the security of our people. None of us ever thought that the issue of security is far more complicated. It goes beyond defending, as they say, the territorial integrity to now dealing with internal issues of insurgency in ways that are so complicated that just a few years back, many of us would never have thought of the possibility of a full-blooded Nigerian carrying out what they would refer to as suicide bombing.
“So, our armed forces have risen to the occasion. We in Edo State appreciate the fact that, but for the determination of our officers and men in uniform, only God knows which part of Nigeria that would have been under the control of insurgents and which part would have been free.
“We in Edo State are very proud of the accomplishment of the armed forces in defeating Boko Haram. For me, defeat in this sense is in terms of the impunity, arrogance and confidence with which they moved freely, hoisting flags and claiming more territories and our people were on the run. I believe today, there is no doubt that it is they who are on the run and the armed forces have re-established the fact that we have the best military in our continent.”
He noted that they are also playing a stabilising role for the nation’s democracy, adding that “Democracy only thrives under the condition of peace. If people don’t have a sense of security, if they are unable to move freely without fear for their lives, even the minimum requirement of being able to vote or be voted for cannot be guaranteed.”
He added, “right now, we are preparing for an election in Edo State. Conventionally, this should not be the business of the forces, but unfortunately, because of the amount of desperation which politicians have exhibited, you now find yourself having to complement the efforts of the police to guarantee that much-desired freedom and security without which one man, one vote which is our mantra in this state cannot prevail.”
Speaking earlier, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, who was represented by the Corps Commander, Infantry, Maj-Gen. Ahmed Mohammed, said the Nigerian Army is so lucky that it is led by a chief who listens, consults and dictates the limits of action.
He asked officers of the Army School of Supply and Transport to write a strong position paper to the chief of army staff on their needs, saying “if you have not written your problems and proposals, how can you get assistance?”

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