SPRINT supremo Usain
B o l t says he is
taking his
time in the
build-up to August’s
2015 World
In Athletics in Beijing
and is looking forward
to an explosive
showdown there
against American
Justin Gatlin.
Bolt said he
is ramping
u p ,
c o m i n g
off an
plagued season, but should
be in high gear for the
championships and ready to
silence the confident Gatlin.
“I find a lot of stuff that he
says really funny because
I think he’s trying to get a
reaction out of me,” Bolt told
Reuters in an interview ahead
of Saturday’s Adidas Grand
Prix on New York’s Randall’s
“For me, it’s whatever. I’ve
been through it. All the people
been saying what they’re going
to do: they’re going to break
my records; they’re going to
beat me. I’ve been dealing with
it for years now. So for me, it’s
nothing. I enjoy this.
“I look forward to competing
when people talk… because if
you don’t back it up you look
really stupid,” said the first
man to win six Olympic gold
medals in sprinting and an
eight-time world champion.
Gatlin, 33, has run the fastest
100m this year and been talking
a big game, claiming to be “the
man to beat.”
Bolt said he is focusing on that
event this season, frustrating
many track fans eager to see
how he would measure up in a
duel against Gatlin over 100m.
The Jamaican world record
holder in the 100m and 200m
said he was not yet in shape for
a showdown duel but looked
forward to it.
“Afraid? When people say
that, I laugh. I’ve been in the
sport for years and I’ve never
dodged anybody. When it
matters, I’ve always showed
up and shown that I’m the
best,” Bolt said “Fact is, I’m not in the best
of shape and I’m not going to
put myself out there if I know
I’m just coming back and I
need time to get back to where
I need to be. When I get to
Beijing I’ll be ready to go and
that’s when the showdown
will be.”
Bolt said the suspense of
how the sprinters shaped up
against one another could
help build interest in Beijing.
“People can look forward
to the championship. What’s
going to happen?” he said.
“Justin is running good, Tyson
[Gay] is running good, Asafa
[Powell] is running good,
Usain is running good.
“So when we come to the
championship, it’s going to be
like an explosion

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