There was pandemonium in Jimeta, Yola, the Adamawa State capital yesterday, following an explosion from a bomb which was handed over to two teenage boys by a man who is yet to be identified.
The incident, which occurred opposite the Federal Road Safety Corp office along Numan Road, Yola, in the morning, forced residents and travellers to abandon the area.
A shocked resident, who simply identified himself as Bello, said: “The bomb exploded close to a filling station, we all started running, though no life was lost, but one of the boys who carried the bomb was hurt on his leg.
The teenage boys, aged between nine and eleven years old were apprehended by onlookers.
It was learnt that the boys unknowingly approached a nearby scrap dealer to sell the Improvised Explosive Device, IED, who declined the offer.
“In fact, we escaped death by whiskers, because a few minutes after they left my shop, the device exploded in their hands, injuring one of them. They wanted me to buy it which I refused and it seems they too didn’t know what they were carrying,” said the scrap buyer who refused to give his names.
A food seller near the scene of the incident, said that, “they were little boys and I saw them when they took the explosives to one Baba (elder) who buys scraps and the Baba said he was not going to buy it because it was small, then they left.
“I was sitting here when the boys left the shop and as soon as they got to the road, there was an explosion, one of them was injured and the people started running,” she said.
The boys were apprehended and handed over to officials of FRSC before the arrival of anti-bomb squad of the state police command.
The FRSC Commander, Mr. Luka Umar Aiki, said “when I heard the noise, I rushed out but I was told it was from a burst burst, but the sound I heard was not that of a tyre, so I asked my official in charge of intelligence to find out what happened. It was when he came back that he confirmed my fears that two little boys had been apprehended; there and then they were handed over to the police.
“I was later told by the anti-bomb unit that it was a grenade IED that exploded,” he said.

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