Borno State
government has described
the $10.5 million aid
given by the United States
Agency for International
Development, USAID,
for internally displaced
persons, IDPs, in
insurgency ravaged
northeastern states
as timely and highly
Reacting to the donation,
the Chairman of the State
Emergency Management
Agency, BOSEMA, Alhaji
Grema Terab, said it could
not have come at a better
time as the weight of the
financial commitment
from Borno State
government to issues of
IDPs has started taking its
tolls on every sector.
He asked that other
countries should follow in
the footsteps of the United
States by coming to the
aids of over 1.5 million
IDPs in Borno State alone,
as the financial burden
was too much for the state
government and indeed
Nigeria to bear.
He said, “The US
government has done very
well and this has given the
opportunity to other well
meaning countries all over
the world to come to the
aid of Nigeria and Borno
State in particular.”
He said Borno was
the worse hit among the
three North East states
affected by Boko Haram
insurgency, adding that
over 20 local governments
were sacked and severally
attacks by the insurgents
while more than 125,000
are inmates of 22 camps in
He said that apart from
taking care of about 1.5
million people hosted by
various families within
Maiduguri, the state
government has had
to accommodate and
provide necessities of life
for over 125,000 displaced
persons in 22 IDPs camps
in the state capital.
He said he had always
called the attention
of the international
community to the
emerging humanitarian
crisis in Borno and other
affected states, and see
the assistance from
United States through her
agency for international
development as
“encouraging and
“We have many times
appealed to international
community and donor
agencies to come and
assist Borno in particular
and we are glad the
USAID has listened to our
cries and have decided to
come around,” he stated.
He said the aid
would go a long way in
addressing the challenges
of the IDPs and rebuilding
communities destroyed
by Boko Haram

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