lamented the adverse effect that
activities of Boko Haram has had
in its quest to generate revenue
internally for development.
Chairman of the board, Alhaji
Kolomi Mutar, said insurgency
has dislocated not just the social
and political structures in the state
but has had adverse effect in the
economic development
Alhaji Mutar, who is also
the Permanent Secretary of the
revenue board, lamented that the
insurgency has hamper it from
attaining this year target of N28
billion for the board.
He said the state Governor
Kashim Shettima has expressed
bitterness over the wanton
destruction of the board zonal
offices across the state.
“We used to have 16 zonal
offices across the state, but as lam
talking to you now it is only Biu
office that is currently functional.
Some of them were destroyed
or vandalised and others burnt
down,”Alhaji Mutar said.
Speaking during the
inauguration of the state Joint
Revenue Committee, he said,
“Under the Nigerian tax system;
each state of the federation
is to establish a state joint
Revenue committee. This is in
a accordance with section 92 of
Personal Income Tax Act (PITA)
“The functions of the
committee as contained in
section 93 of PITA includes ;
Implement decisions of the Joint
Tax Board, JTB, advise the JTB ,
the state and Local governments
on revenue matters, harmonise
tax administration in the state
, enlighten public on state and
local governments on revenue
matters among others.”
Alhaji Mutar optimism that
the committee will yield positive
results as far as taxation is
“It is my sincere hope that
the establishment of this will
surely democratize tax policy
and administration by extending
to the grass root level the
opportunity to participate in tax
policy formulation.
“This arrangement will also
reduce friction on tax matters
between the state and local
governments as well as incidence
of tax evasion and avoidance,
thereby widening the tax base,”
he stated.