King Sunny Ade’s American tour billed for Saturday, June 18, at the Annette Strauss Square, AT&T Dallas Stadium, USA was cancelled, just as fans are getting tickets refund.
A ticket for the show was pegged at $25. In a bid to salvage the situation and assuage his numerous fans in America, the King of World Beats has embarked on a face-saving courtesy visit to the US Embassy in Lagos.
However, our search revealed that KSA’s abortive trip was due to the untidy arrangement that resulted in delays on visa procurement.
The band members allegedly did not make their international traveling passports available early against KSA’s repeated warnings.
According to information, KSA’s African Beats band members unfortunately exposed themselves to ridicule as Nigerians and African-American communities were disappointed and demanded ticket refund.
According to many of them, they had made arrangements to ensure they took that particular day off at work, while others flew into Dallas from other states in America to watch KSA sing, play his guitar and dance on stage.
An undergraduate of the University of Texas, Tope Makinde, who had made up his mind to be at the show, said: “This is the bad attitude some Nigerians display in foreign engagements.”

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