Popular Nigerian female gospel rapper, Bukola Folayan aka Bouqui, has called on successful artistes to endeavour to give back to society by organising competitions.
“It will be grossly unfair to think that it is compulsory that upcoming artistes should experience the kind of hardship we, the now notable ones, went through before becoming celebrities. The most frustrating thing for a truly gifted person is not to have a channel of expression,” she told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, urging other successful musicians to plough their wealth back into the sector through talent hunt competitions.
According to her, she recently sponsored a competition to enable her identify promising rappers for the gospel genre and mentor them to fame.
Takiti Ademola a.k.a. Gr8man, has emerged winner in the ‘Unstoppable Rap Competition’ sponsored by Bouqui through her outfit, Bouqui Humanitarian Initiative.
Gr8man, who emerged the winner after few weeks in the lyrical battle competition among contestants from all over the world, will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip to Hollywood to feature in Bouqui’s song.
The second place winner, Angeloh, will also enjoy a trip to Atlanta to feature in Bouqui’s music video, while the third prize to Limoblaze is $500 in cash.
Bouqui said she preferred to spend her earnings to promote and help others, saying that philanthropy to an artiste should be a responsibility and duty to humanity.
“This competition is important to me because gospel artistes are always in the minority in comparison to those singing secular songs. We are swimming against the tide because we dare to be different and because globally gospel artiste face more challenges to spread their message. It is just important that hope of better days ahead is given to a dying genre of music and a generation that is looking to the secular to draw power,” she said.
Bouqui said her talent hunt competition had revealed a lot about creativity, intellectual abilities of young Nigerians and the penchant for vulgarity, swearing and cursing in society.
“We are planning to organise a convention and seminars with the message that the Gospel is more than music but a life style,” she said.
Bouqui is a notable gospel artiste in Nigeria with two albums to her name: B.O.U.Q.U.I and The Redefinition.
Bill Cosby accusers are liars-Supporter
Bill Cosby is still in the news as one of his fans Jay Leno has said an unfair double standard is being applied to the dozens of women accusing Bill Cosby of decades-old sexual assaults.
“I keep reading the comments, ‘liars,’ and ‘why didn’t they come forward before?” the former “Tonight Show” host said Thursday.
But men who delay sharing stories of abuse or rape are readily believed, even when it’s a religious figure such as a priest involved, Leno said.
The experience should be viewed as the same for women and men who hid an assault out of shame and finally addressed it years later.
“When women do it, somehow it’s a scam,” Leno said, attributing the kneejerk reaction to “ingrained” sexism.
Leno on a television interview did not comment directly on the validity of the more than two dozen sexual assault claims, with many of Cosby’s accusers alleging the comedian drugged them beforehand.
Cosby, 78, and his attorneys have denied some of the allegations and no criminal charges have been filed against him.
Asked if Cosby and his career can rebound, Leno invoked another entertainer’s experience.
“Americans will forgive anything except hypocrisy,” he said. “I remember I had Charlie Sheen on “Tonight” and he said, ‘Look, I like hookers and coke. What am I going to do?’ And the audience applauded. It is terrible, but at least he is honest.
“As soon as you deny it, that’s your downfall,” Leno said.

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