An Air France flight from Port Louis, Mauritius to Paris was forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya Sunday morning, after a bomb was found on board.

Pilots reportedly made an urgent request to land the plane after a “suspicious package” was discovered in the bathroom.

In the last few minutes Kenya’s Airports Authority has confirmed the package was in fact an explosive device.

The flight was carrying 473 passengers and crew. In an apparent – and successful – bid to keep passengers calm, crew members said the plane would be landing to due a “technical” problem. Only after they were evacuated from the plane did travelers realize what a luck escape they had had.

Moi International Airport was briefly shut down while Kenyan authorities evacuated the plane and experts from the Kenyan Navy moved in to evaluate and diffuse the bomb. Flights from the airport have since resumed.

Kenyan security services are currently questioning a number of suspects.