A seven-man panel of the Supreme court has upheld Kogi STate Governor Yahaya Bello’s election, said reasons for upholding the election would be provided on September 30.

During proceeding from counsels , the PDP candidate’s counsel said the problem his client has is that the substitution did not take place before the entire election.

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When asked whether candidates vote as individuals or candidates, Mr. Uche said voters also look out for a candidate.

“A party needs a candidate to conduct an election. The party cannot just bring a person to come and inherit the votes of another person,” Mr. Uche told the court.

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“Votes cast are not APC votes but the people’s votes for APC. So, after the substitution, they should have started afresh,” Mr. Oba said.

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“No contrary decision has been made to set aside that decision. The APC won on November 21, and the APC concluded its winning on December 5,” said Mr. Ogunleye APC lawyer.