A British Isis fighter who blew himself up as part of a militant onslaught on the Iraqi city of Ramadi has been revealed to be Fatlum Shalaku, a 20-year-old body builder and former student.

ITV News revealed that Shalaku, who had chosen to go by the name of Abu Musa al-Britani, was one of six suicide bombers fighting with Isis as it pushed into the Iraqi city this month. His older brother, Flamur, 23, was reportedly killed while fighting on the frontline in March.

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Shalaku is the fifth former pupil from the Holland Park School to have died in jihad, according to The Sunday Times, following the death of his brother and of Mohamed Nasser, 21, who reportedly died during fighting last year. Mohamed el-Araj, 23, from Ladbroke Grove, reportedly died in 2013, and Nassim Terrri, 25, was killed on a mountainside in March 2012.