NIGERIAN Communications
Commission (NCC), has
reiterated its commitment
to its broadband agenda
as the vehicle to drive its
developmental agenda for the
nation’s ICT sector.
The commissions Executive
vice chairman, EVC, Professor
Umar Danbatta, said the
Commission is not resting
on its oars to ensure glitches
inhibiting smooth roll out
of broadband services by
operators, are mitigated.
Danbatta, while delivering a
keynote address at the Telecom
Executives & Regulators
Forum (TERF) with the subject
‘Broadband Penetration in
Nigeria-Perspectives from the
Communication Regulator’,
disclosed that InfraCo
licensees for the six geopolitical
zones of the country
will soon be announced, as
they are on the last stage of
the process.
The EVC who was
represented by Engineer
Bako Wakil, deputy director,
Technical Standards and
Network Integrity at the
Commissionthat optimal
deployment of broadband
infrastructures through
the Infraco model in the
face of existing broadband
infrastructure challenges is
critical to driving broadband
availability, accessibility and
affordability in Nigeria.
He reiterated the
commission’s support for
InfraCo licensees such
MainOne, winners of the
Lagos InfraCo license that are
already rolling out of services
in the State.
He however, called on
parties involved to support
the Commission in its bid
for available, affordable
and efficient broadband
penetration in the country
hence “Broadband industry
ecosystem comprises of
Government Policies and
Programmes, Regulatory
Frameworks and
Environment, Supply and
Demand sides of the services”.
The EVC listed the
current status of broadband
infrastructure in Nigeria
to include, “Adequate
international bandwidth
from International Submarine
Cable landings at our shores;
Inadequate metro fiber
infrastructure in several
towns and cities; Distribution
and last mile challenges;
Over 50,000 km of inter
-City Fiber laid already;
Sub-optimal inter-city fibre
capacity utilization due to
duplications of some fibre
routes and Internet access
is mainly through wireless
means,” as notable factors in
the industry.
He stated that Nigeria’s
current telecoms landscape
as teledensity stands at 99.93
as at September, 2017; active
Mobile subscriber base was
139,905,213 million as at
September, 2017; Internet
Penetration Rate was 50%
(92.975,682 Million subs) as at
September, 2017; Broadband
Penetration Rate was 21% as at
February, 2017 (OpenSignal);
NCC Broadband
Infrastructure Initiative, “The
NCC will continue to drive
and support high speed
broadband connectivity to
end user through various
initiatives such as: License
InfraCos on a regional basis
to provide metropolitan fibre
and wholesale transmission
services on a nondiscriminatory,
open access
and price regulated basis;
“2.3GHz spectrum has been
licensed for wholesale wireless
last mile services; On-going
discussions with various
levels of Government to
facilitate speed in processing
permits, harmonisation
of tax regimes and ease of
deployment of infrastructure,
including streamlining
RoW charges; Enhance
competitionin the market and
improve consumer choices;
Institute price caps for leased
transmission capacity to
address anti- competitive
pricing and Auction and
assign required spectrum
for wireless and mobile
broadband on an open and
transparent basis”, he stated.
Earlier, in his address of
welcome, The President
of the Association of
Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Companies of Nigeria, Mr.
Olusola Teniola,
president of ATCON, said
the Association strongly
believes in knowledge sharing
that will further stimulate the
accelerated development of
our industry.
“We need to succeed
in further winning the
confidence of the international
community to see Nigeria
as a preferred investment
destination in Africa. This
is why we consider it a
worthwhile venture to
continually engage ourselves
in programmes that would
enable us advance the frontiers
telecommunications/ICT in
“We congratulate the
Nigerian Communications
Commission for its excellent
regulatory role which has put
the Nigerian telecom sector
on the world map. We also
express our sincere gratitude
to all our sponsors and
supporters. We immensely
appreciate all the resource
persons for their mammoth
contributions, and of course,
all the participants for
creating time out of their busy
schedules to be in this forum”.

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