President Muhammadu Buhari has apologised for dissolving governing councils of universities along with the boards of parastatal agencies.
Buhari offered the apology during the National Executive Council meeting of the All Progressives Congress in Abuja yesterday.
He said: ‘’We gave a blanket order which we had to rescind when we said all boards are suspended or dissolved.
‘’We had to go back and lick our vomit in terms of universities councils because we found out that according to their laws, they cannot choose vice chancellors unless the councils sit and interview candidates who want to be VCs.
‘’So, there is nothing wrong in saying sorry and going back on your decision. So, we said sorry and allow all the universities to continue with their councils.
“So, please, try to bear with us as we reflect on where we found ourselves.’’
On the accusation of globe trotting, Buhari explained that ‘’sometimes, you need to present your case on personal basis to your economic colleagues and neighbours.
‘’Nothing is better than personal touch and I believe that we are learning a lot and eventually, the nation will realise. So, I don’t envy you on the harassment you are going through from your constituencies.
‘’Take it with a lot of determination and we will be all right, God willing’’, he said.

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  • vic

    buhari, your apologies accepted, do NOT do it again.