has urged African nations to
see science and technology
as a tool to stimulate human
development and minimise
human suffering, reduce level
of poverty, conflict and strife,
social restiveness, terrorism and
environmental degradation.
The President, who was
represented by the Minister of
Science and Technology, Dr
Ogbonnaya Onu, made the call
at the World Forum for Science
held in Darkar Senegal.
According to Buhari, it is only
when African continent embrace
science and technology that the
face of hunger, illiteracy and
underdevelopment associated
with it would be eradicated.
He said that it will help
African nations in the efficient
exploitation of its huge natural
resources and thereby enable it
create jobs, wealth and reduce
both poverty and human
“This is possible because the
mighty pyramids of Egypt, the
great walls of Zimbabwe and
the beautiful artistic works
of Igboukwu, Ife and Benin
demonstrated the applications
of science technology and
innovation in nation building.
“Nigeria believes in world
peace, human progress,
sustainable environment and
democracy and also individual
liberty, rule of law and for these
reasons Nigeria will continue to utilise the key of science
and technology to unlock the
door of progress and defeat
illiteracy for the common
good,” he said.
He said his administration
has established a strong
coordination platform which
is the National Research
and Innovation Council,
NRIC, which will enable
Nigeria utilise to the fullest,
its capabilities in science,
technology and innovation to
improve the quality of lives of
Buhari added that there is
also the National Research
and Innovation fund which
is expected to strengthen the
Council and assist research,
development, promote
creativity and resourcefulness
of the citizenry