President Buhari
President Buhari

The return of President Muhammadu Buhari to the country from medical vacation in London last week Friday was well received by many Nigerians, but there are serious matters arising. Will his health allow him to continue to run the Herculean demands of his office? Would he consider the option of writing his name in gold by handing over power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and thyen appoint another northerner to serve as Vice President as many political stakeholders in the north are quietly canvassing? SAMUEL ODAUDU critically examines the situation President Buhari Emir Sanusi El-Rufai Liman MANY NIGERIANS have been expressing their excitements over the return of President Muhammadu Buhari from London where he went for medical vacation. The President’s medical vacation elicited a lot of different reactions from concerned Nigerians. While some said he deserves more rest, many parts of the country, many parts of the country especially northern Nigeria have been thrown into feverish jubilation. Of course, this is not surprising. It would be recalled that as a result of conflicting official reports about the status of his health condition, there were wild rumours and conclusions by anxious Nigerians, especially the president’s party faithfuls and supporters across the country. Many had even spread his death rumour in the social media which of course were debunked by the presidency. The return of the president therefore proved rumour mongers and those wishing the president bad luck wrong. From the north, while political stakeholders and youths are happy that the president is back and that his health condition has significantly improved, there are also deep concerns that his health situation may not allow him to perform his duties as the president. It also means that a weak presidency of the Buhari administration could put northern political interests at a cross road.
accepts this proposal, he would write his name in gold. In this regard, the slot of the north in the power rotation will not be lost. According to the North-East Consolidated Farmers Forum, a powerful grassroots group in the region, President Buhari is a trusted , popular, courageous, patriotic personality and a man of unquestionable integrity and
respected in the global arena, then Africa and the black world will be respected. Just like Mandela took that bold step and sacrificed his position as president of South Africa so as pave got younger and vibrant generation to continue, President Buhari can also create his own kind of history not in Nigeria, or Africa but his name will be written in world history books as well in global political Encyclopaedia. “We don’t want another tragic health situation to happen again, that is a situation whereby two of Nigerian presidents from Katsina State will experience similar situation just like what happened to the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua. God forbid”, the group said. The farmers added that “We therefore join other well-meaning Nigerians to pray for Mr. President’s recovery and good health. It is in this spirit that we want to offer this important suggestions, because we know that the president loves the north; he loves Nigeria and Nigerians irrespective of your faith, ethnic and political backgrounds”, he said. Continuing, Liman, on behalf of the group said that base on their honest and patriotic suggestion to their beloved President Buhari, they are some names the president should consider for possible selection. “They are Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, former governor of Kano State; Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State who is also a former speaker of the House of Representatives; Mr. Babachir Lawal, the Secretary to Government of the Federation; Alh. Muhammadu Sanusi, the emir of Kano and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the last on the list, Governor Nasir el- Rufai of Kaduna State and the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. There are views that estimation, Sanusi is the most qualified because as they said, he is well connected internationally, has the full grasp of economic and financial management systems recognised worldwide has the capacity to pull Nigeria out of the present economic situation if he accepts this offer. Let the president therefore send a powerful delegation to him with this offer. It also means that his throne will be preserved for him until he finishes his presidential tenure and then he will return to the throne as Emir of Kano. A “President Muhammadu Sanusi” is the best legacy that President Buhari will give to Nigeria in 2019 and the north as the best gift to the nation and generations to come, and his name will be written global hall of fame. But the question is: will President Buhari positively consider this strong suggestion?
Number one concern in the north is that the president’s health condition has put the northern political chances and turn to have a northern person as Nigeria’s president at high risk. President Buhari is currently occupying the slot of the north as the president, but his health situation does not allow him to fully operate at the moment. This has made the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as the strength, vitality mobility and the constitutionally approved person to act as the president in instead of President Buhari. There are strong suggestions from the north that as a result of the president’s health condition at the moment, the best and the most honourable thing for him to do now is to step aside as the president, hand over power to Osinbajo to become the president, then let he Buhari appoint a young, intelligent, honest, educated and trustworthy person who has economic background and knowledge, someone who is internationally recognised to serve as the vice president to Osinbajo so that together, they would be able to fulfil his (Buhari) political and economic vision as encapsulated in the Change Agenda of the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC). Then in 2019, in order to balance the political equation to allow the north produce the next president, anybody who serves “President Osinbajo” as Vice President, would be supported to become the president. In the opinion of many northern groups, if President Buhari considers and In global history, it is not too common to find any president stepping down from power for the Vice President on account of health. President Buhari can create such history and the right time to do that is now
nationalism. He has devoted his entire life to the service of Nigeria and history and posterity will bear him witness and give him the proper place he truly deserves. The group are however insisting that there are several names among the younger generation of northern politicians who are worthy of being considered and selected by President Buhari as to serve as Vice President to “President Osinbajo”, that is, if he honorably accepts this proposal. The president of the North- East Consolidated Farmers Forum, Muhammad Abba Liman, who spoke to newsmen in Abuja last Saturday on behalf of the executive members of the forum said that “We are very happy and we thank the Almighty Allah fir bring back Mr. President back from his medical vacation in London. Like you all know, like every other human being, Mr. President can fall sick. He can also die just like every other human being. But nobody will die unless God says so. “In Africa, it is only Nelson Mandela of South Africa that spent just one term in office and willingly and honourably stepped down to allow his Vice President, Thambo Mbeki, a much younger person, to continue. In global history, it is rare to find any president stepping down from power for the Vice President on account of health. President Buhari can create that history and the right time to do that is now. “According to Mandela of blessed memory, if Nigeria is

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