Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Abia Onyike, has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari has declared a ‘secret war’ against the Igbo race.
Onyike, a former Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, stated this during an interaction with journalists in Abakaliki where he harshly criticised the president for trying to decimate and humiliate the Igbos who are ‘the largest ethnic nationality’ in the country.
He noted that the ‘secret’ war declared by the president against the Igbos would continually serve as a major hindrance to the successes of his administration.
“The determination of President Buhari to declare a secret war against the Igbos is a major obstacle to the success of his administration. How can a leader of a multi-ehnic nation like Nigeria decide to suffocate, humiliate and decimate ‘the largest ethnic nationality’ politically?
“The Igbo nation which Buhari is toying with is bigger than several independent African countries including Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya. The type of oppressive rule he has introduced can only demonstrate that Nigeria is not yet a democracy, otherwise certain sanctions ought to be meted out to dictators like Buhari in a genuine democracy.
“Buhari has also shown that he does not want Nigeria to survive as one entity otherwise why should he arrogantly refuse to heed the calls of well-meaning Nigerians to begin the implementation of the recommendations of the 2014 national conference? Does he think that Nigeria is his private estate or that of his own part of the country?
“Why must he insist on going ahead with the crises-ridden political structure of the monolithic system that he inherited simply because he thinks that his region occupies a priviledged position in that political architecture. The president should listen to Nigerians if this country is to become stable. Until he adopts a positive mindset in governing Nigeria, his administration would continue to wobble.
“His political and economic policies would continue to generate mass starvation, galloping inflation, religious intolerance, insecurity, extra-judicial killings by herdsmen and a general descent into civil disobedience.’’

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