President Muhammadu Buhari will today lead a delegation of ECOWAS Heads of State to Burkina Faso to help in resolving the crisis in that country.
The Presidents of Togo, Ghana, Benin and Senegal are also part of the delegation.
This was the outcome of the regional body’s extraordinary meeting of the Heads of States and Government held at the instance of Nigeria’s President, Mohammdu Buhari.
The President of ECOWAS Commission, Mr. Ouedraogo Desire who briefed the media after yesterday’s summit in Abuja stated that the body also called for lifting of sanctions imposed on the country.
He also stated that ECOWAS called for cease fire among the forces, adding that military and humanitarian observers would be sent during the elections to forestall loss of human lives.
He said: “They have decided to despatch tomorrow a delegation of Head of State to go to Ougadadugo, to reinstall Michael Karfando, in his function as president of the transition and Burkina Faso.
“They have decided that the chairman of the authority in liason with the federal republic of Nigeria will initiate a political dialogue among all stakeholders with a view to finding concessional solutions to the items contained in the peace accord proposal presented by president Mackey Sall and president Boni Yayi.
“They called on the presidential guards to disarm and demanded the other unit of the army not to use force to avoid loss of human lives. They have also called on all the stakeholders to exercise patience and refrain from anything that can derail the national consensus.
“Finally, they have requested the AU and the international community in the view of the fact they have proposed the reinstallment of the transitional to lift the sanctions imposed on Burkina Faso or not to impose sanctions because we have come back to normal transitional position.
“So, we have decided also to send the military and humanitarian observers to Burkina Faso in liaison with AU and UN to monitor respect for human rights. So, these at the decision the Summit has taken.
Earlier in his welcome address, president President Buhari said up to the West States to quickly rationalize solutions to the lingering political crisis in Burkina Faso.
According to him, the developments in the country were contrary to their expectations.
“The recent developments in our sister country, Burkina Faso run contrary to our expectations and the effects so far deployed towards the restoration of constitutional order and democracy by our organisation, the African Union, the UN and our international Development Partners.
“The commitment of the transitional administration of president Michael Kafando to the implementation of the program mandate of the transitional charter has equally been commendable by international community.
“On behalf of all of you, I avail myself of this platform to convey our appreciation to their Excellencies Macky Sall, and Boni Yayi and the President of the Commission who undertook the visit to Ouagadougou on Thursday, 17 September 2015 to commence the process of engagement with the military junta.
“I am delighted that there are report of some measure of understanding reached towards the resolution of the crisis.
“Our meeting today provides the opportunity to review the developments and for the Chairman of the Authorities of Heads of State and Government as well as the president of the ECOWAS Commission to brief the Summit on their consultations in Ouagadougou.
“It is therefore my great pleasure to welcome Your excellence to this Extraordinary Summit on the situation in Burkina Faso”
Also making his remarks, the ECOWAS chairman and Senegalese, Marcky Sall proposed the postponement of the election earlier scheduled by the interim government from October 11 to November 21 to grant adequate preparations for candidates in the elections.
He also mulled amnesty for the coupists, saying it would enhance cohesion amongst the people.
While calling on ECOWAS to make available $1 million to support the families of the affected victims of the crisis, Sall however added that the amnesty was not to reward impunity.

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