Igbo apex group, Ohanaeze Nd’Igbo, has cautioned incoming administration of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, against dumping the Report of the 2014 National Conference organised by President Goodluck Jonathan to strengthen the unity of the country.
Addressing journalists in Awka yesterday, the group’s President in Anambra State, Elder Chris Eluemuno, hinted that the Ohanaeze, Afenifere and South-South voted for President Jonathan because of his commitment to the implementation of the Confab recommendations.
He said: “It is to implement the Confab recommendations that Ohanaeze, Afenifere and majority of the core Yoruba voted for President Jonathan. The only way Buhari can bring the South-East, the South-South and the South-West together with the rest of the country is by implementing the Conference resolutions.
“He has no choice than to implement it. There is nothing the Igbo, core Yoruba and the Ijaw will ask him to do for them than the implementation of the resolutions of that Confab.
“Buhari has to sit down and find out why the South-East, South-South and majority of the South-West did not vote for him. If he really wants the unity of this country, he has to implement the resolutions. Those resolutions are the major keys to the unity of this country, “he posited.
Eluemuno insisted that Buhari has no alternative than to implement the Confab Report unless he doesn’t want the unity of this country. If anybody advises him against it, that person does not want the unity of this country and if it is not implemented, it is ‘to your tent oh Israel’,” he declared.
Commending President Jonathan for his spirit of sportsmanship in conceding defeat, Ohanaeze recalled that Buhari lost election three times and went to court three times instead of conceding defeat.
According to him, “the election was massively rigged in the North and in the South the card reader was judiciously used. The result that came up in the North shows that APC is a regional party, so Buhari has a lot of work to do.”
Reiterating the resolve of Ohanaeze to work with Buhari as head of the central government, he warned that Buhari will fail if he does not work with Jonathan, adding that “there are areas he has to consult him.”
“Ohanaeze works with any government at the centre and that is why I was shocked with Oba Rilwan Akiolu over his alleged statement against Igbo living in Lagos.
“You don’t threaten an Igboman, we are the least to be threatened. I want the Igbo in Lagos to disregard the threat. Oba Akiolu’s statement was criminal. For a man who is sitting at that level of culture, to open his mouth so rude is unfortunate. He doesn’t have the muscle to do what he threatened to do and such a person cannot even be an Igboman,” Eluemuno said.

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