Emir of Kanam in Plateau state , Alhaji Muazu Babangida has called on Nigerians to rally round the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for it to succeed, saying the government needs the prayer and cooperation of every Nigeria.
He stated this while speaking to newsmen in Jos at the weekend.
The Emir said it is pathetic that it is under the Buhari administration, and in Plateau in particular, that a case similar to poliomyelitis would be discovered when Nigeria is about to be declared polio free by July 29.
While calling for the cooperation of everyone to make the nation polio free, he said ‘it so sad that we have gotten a case just two weeks ago in Angwa Rogo /Angwa Rimi community which is a densely populated Muslim community at a time when the Sultan of Sokoto and myself are championing the crusade for this exercise to succeed.”
While discarding the belief in some quarters that the vaccine was to depopulate the Muslim community he said “No emir or chief would allow the administration of vaccine that is questionable on his people.
“It is not this life but the hereafter that we are bothered about what happens to our people. As leaders, we will want the best for them. I call on people in Angwa Rimi/Angwa Rogo to cooperate with us” to make Nigeria polio free.
Speaking on the spade of bombing during the holy month of Ramadan, the Emir urged those involved in the ugly attacks to repent and be reunited with their communities so that Islam is cleared of all allegations.
‘Their actions are not Islamic as they are not in the teaching of the Prophet of Islam nor any Islamic scholar. We want to call on them to look up to God and stop these wanton destructions of lives and properties and to engage in total repentance.’
He urged the government to ensure that the issue is totally brought to an end ‘because people have high expectations from this government and they believe that it can tackle the problem of the insurgency.
“We call on government to be up and doing in ensuring that this comes to an end. We do not have any country apart from Nigeria and nobody can claim any part of it.’

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