• Since the emergence of former head of state, General Muhammadu
    Buhari as the President-elect there has been controversy over
    whether he is the messiah Nigerians have been waiting for or
    not. In this interview with buhari, former civilian Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji
    Balarabe Musa, spoke on the capability of the President-elect and
    other sundry issues. Excerpts

Kindly let us know your view on the state
of the nation?
Well, my view about the state of the nation is
that it is negative in almost all aspects except
that we have remained one country. And this
has been re-enforced by the patriotic and selfless
attitude of President Goodluck Jonathan. The
most recent development, particularly after the
2015 general elections and that is the patriotic
attitude of President Jonathan to accept defeat
and congratulate the president-elect, General
Muhammadu Buhari. If he had not done that
only God knows what would have been the
state of the nation now. I think that action by
Jonathan was even more important than the
fact that the elections took place. It is good
that the election took place because it would
have been a problem if the election had been
postponed again or even indefinitely. But
it was even better that after the election and
in spite of the circumstances; Jonathan still
accepted defeat and congratulated the winner.
I think this is only thing we can now say is
positive about the state of the nation. But every
other thing about the state of Nigeria nation
is negative which is characterised by the level
of corruption, stealing, criminal waste of
resource in the country, insecurity, collapse of
public services, industries, unemployment and
quarrelsomeness among the political leaders.
Could the negative state of the nation be
one of the reasons why you said Nigeria
needs a revolutionary leader recently?
Yes of course, Nigeria needs a revolutionary
leader and party. It is they who can deal with
the negative state of the nation fundamentally
and successfully.
Again, you said Nigeria doesn’t have
one revolutionary leader at the moment?
What about the President-elect, General
Muhammadu Buhari? Do you see him as a
revolutionary leader who can salvage the
situation in the nation?
No, Buhari is not a revolutionary
leader. He may be a good leader but not a
revolutionary leader. What Nigeria desires
now is a revolutionary leader which Buhari
is not. And he doesn’t have the ethics of
revolutionary party. He is a good leader but
that is not enough for Nigeria. He is backed by
opportunistic politicians. There is no relevant
history of them even for the party, no record
of performance but there is only hope. Even
those who think it is difficult for him to cope
with the negative state of the nation, they
still have hope and I hope the hope is not
misplaced. I agree that the hope is reasonable
because we had an experience of somebody
who emerged to maintain the status quo, but
ended up becoming a revolutionary leader.
And I hope when he is sworn in he would be
like him (Murtala Mohammed). When Murtala
Mohammed took over, he was just a military
leader but because of the situation in the
country then and his commitment to cope with
it, he became immediately a revolutionary
leader. And I hope Buhari, can be like that. In
spite of my doubt, I have that hope. I could recall the popular
talk within the political circle
particularly the Kaduna Mafia.
When Murtala became the head
of state and he planned to attack
corruption which he legitimately
regarded as the root cause of the
negative state of the Nigerian
nation. The arrogant Kaduna
Mafia, confronted him and
said is it you of all people that
will confront corruption? The
response of Murtala was that “is
it because I have contributed to
the negative state of the nation
that now that God has given me
the responsibility I will fail to
do it because of my past? If that
is why you think I fail and will
not be able to cope, my past must
have been translated into self
accumulation, I surrender all that
I own to the government. I will
face the responsibility given to me
by Almighty Allah. And he stood
upright to face the problem and
address the problem of Nigeria
and that of Africa credibly; even
though he lived for a short time.
I still hope Buhari will do the
same. But it is not easy. Only
a revolutionary leader with
the backing of a revolutionary
political party and the desire of
Nigerians that can enable this
transformation take place.
A good leader will only
maintain the status quo in
spite of it negativity but a
revolutionary leader will reject
the status quo and plan to
replace it with something better
for the people, humanity and the
A revolutionary leader also
needs a good law making process
for him to make any positive
impact on the people and country.
What would be your suggestion
on who emerges Senate President
at the end of the day?
First, if we are talking of
revolutionary leader, there
is need for everybody to be
revolutionary. But when we talk
about a revolutionary leader, we
are talking about it in connection
with the President. Let me also talk
about the controversy whether
the President elect should be
involved in the emergence of the
Senate President or a leader of the
National Assembly or not. I think
it is wrong to say the President
should not have an input in who
becomes the President of the
Senate. He should not impose it
but his influence and input is very
important because the President
of the Senate and the President
in terms of the supreme interest
of the country should work
together. I don’t think it is good
for the nation for the President
and the Senate President to be
antagonistic or unable to work
together. I think they should
harmonize their position. But I
think Buhari is just being modest
to have said he doesn’t have any
candidate for the position of the
Senate President. And I support
that position. But he knows that
he cannot succeed with wrong
person as the Senate President.
Too many expectations awaits
the incoming administration,
do you see the President elect
as one who can perform magic
considering the lamentation of
Firstly, he must know that he
is expected to perform magic
considering the promises he
made during his electioneering
campaigns. So let him not deny
that or complain that he is not
a magician. Secondly, how
can he make a difference if he
doesn’t perform what Nigerians
in desperation called magic?
Thirdly, he can do it because
others did it. In the whole world
people like him did it and even
in Nigeria. Fourthly, Nigerians
are desperate for it whether it is
called magic or status quo. Again,
he has the legal mandate to do it.
Nigerian have entrusted their
destiny and that of the country
on him. He can’t avoid it.
Lastly, Nigeria is so rich. There
is the resource to do it and that
too matters. So he can do it. The
only thing is that he should stop
the resources being stolen by
people who don’t mean well for
him, for anybody and the nation.
In other words, I am saying he
should be a revolutionary. He
should transform APC into a
revolutionary party. And he
should transform the situation
in Nigeria into a revolutionary
situation in which every Nigerian
reject the negative state of
the nation. Every Nigerian is
committed to transforming the
negative state of the nation into
a progressive and sustainable
nation. Like I said earlier, Nigeria
has the resources both human
and material resources perform
what is now known as magic.
Nigeria is not like other small
countries that don’t have the
resources to do it.

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