AILING Nigerian President
Muhammadu Buhari has been
asked to consider resigning
honorably now that the ovations
are loud to allow for a fast
track governance to salvage the
rudderless ship that Nigeria has
Making this call is the
pro-democracy and Non-
Governmental organization-
Human Rights Writers
Association of Nigeria,
HURIWA, which also lamented
that the ballooning poverty
situation afflicting over one
hundred million Nigerians due
to lack of good governance
and political stability shows
that Nigeria can ill-afford the
extremely high costs of medical
tourism for the number one
citizen on an unceasing period
of time.
Besides, HURIWA said the
health challenges of the president
and the secrecy surrounding
his exact condition has thrown
a spanner in the wheel of the
seamless enforcement of the
freedom of information Act.
“We acknowledge the
undeniable fact that the failure
of the Presidency to respect the
principle of full disclosure and
accountability in terms of how
much of the public fund is spent
paying the medical costs of
keeping Mr. President in London
has undermined the very
essence of government’s focal programme of anti-corruption
“Public fund when spent as in
this case for over one hundred
days in a foreign jurisdiction must
be properly accounted for and the
good people of Nigeria deserve the
right to be fully informed.
“How can a government that
professes her commitment to
vigorously wage war against
corruption and economic crimes
now turn back to flagrantly violate
the clear provisions of all the
relevant anti-graft laws and the
Freedom of Information Act? This
is absurd”.
The Rights group stated that
President Buhari as a consummate
statesman must consider resigning
now on health grounds or the
appropriate constitutional and lawful procedures be activated
in line with section 144(1) of
the constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria of 1999 (as
“The Nigeria’s economic and
political state is parlous, perilous
and toxic due to power play
by divergent centripetal and
centrifugal forces embedded
within the presidency due to the
frequent absence of the substantive
president of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria.
“There is the urgency of now
for Mr. President to tender his
resignation so the country can be
more effectively governed without
the hangover of threats of the so
called presidential cabal made up
essentially of largely unelected
but close family members of Mr. President as is being speculated
in the popular media of mass
“Nigeria should be bigger than
any regional political intrigues if
we must save this political entity
from imminent collapse”.
HURIWA recalled that
specifically, Section 144(1) and (2)
of the constitution states thus: “(1)
The President or Vice-President
shall cease to hold office, if(a)
By a resolution passed by twothirds
majority of all the members
of the executive council of the
Federation it is declared that the
president or vice-president is
incapable of discharging the
functions of his office; and (b The
declaration is verified, after such
medical examination as may be
necessary, by a medical panel
established under subsection
(4) of this section in its report
to the president of the senate
and the speaker of the House
of Representative.(2) Where
the medical panel certifies in
the report that in its opinion the
president or vice-president is
suffering from such infirmity
of body or mind renders him
permanently incapable of
discharging the functions of his
office, a notice thereof signed
by the president of the Senate
and the Speaker of the House of
Representative shall be published
in the official Gazette of the
Government of the Federation.”
HURIWA also lamented the
widening specter of organized
violence, the resurgence of
ferocious attacks by armed
Boko Haram terrorists and the
total breakdown of national
infrastructures due largely to the
existence of a broken presidency
created by the continuous
absence of the inaugurated
substantive President.