Business woman and communication expert-turned politician, Hajia Fatima Okunuga has advised the new administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to exceed the performance of the former President Goodluck Jonathan administration towards women by giving more consideration to women in his political appointments.
Hajia Okunuga expressed hope that the President is very much aware of the position of the United Nations through the Beijing Affirmative Action that clearly states that women at all levels of government must be equitably represented.
Speaking during an Appreciation Dinner for Women and Youths in Abuja, she expressed total support for the recent move by the wives of the President and Vice President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari and Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo respectively, to be on the vanguard for women participation in governance.
She described both Hajia Buhari and Mrs. Osinbajo as a great pair of strong and focused women who are both coming from a background of service to the Nigerian people.
“It was quite pleasing that the wife of the President strongly advocated the inclusion of more women in the government of her husband, hoping that a constitution guarding and protecting the rights of women and children will be enacted during the life of the 8th National Assembly amongst others,” she hoped.
She asked critics of women appointment into high offices not to capitalize on the “low performance” of women ministers who served in the previous administration to crucify other potential women who have the capacity to perform better in office if provided with opportunity.
“It is also very unfair to use one un-substantiated case to deprive the entire women folk their entitlement, just as it is a grave injustice to generalize that women are incapable of contributing to the development of Nigeria.
“Even if a case is established, it is obvious that from generations to generations, Nigerian women have been known for their doggedness, high-flying achievements and uncommon record breaking. Their passion for justice, equity and fairness, with fewer tendencies for corruption and violence, are unequalled.”
Regarding the confusion in the All Progressive Congress, APC, as regards the allocation of leadership positions in National Assembly, Hajia Okunugu admitted that the South West has been cheated as they were not able to get the seat of the Speaker of House of Representatives.
“I wish to commend the maturity so far displayed by APC leaders in trying to resolve the face-off at the National Assembly.
“One of the ways to right the injustice done the South West which was meant to be rewarded with that office because of its remarkable contribution to the victory of President Buhari, is by giving more allocations to the zone when appointing aides to the President.”

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