Osun Positive Force, OPF, a non-governmental organisation, has urged Nigerians to be patient with President Muhammadu Buhari, saying the president had never promised to turn around within 100 days what had been spoilt by the past administrations.
According to the group, the state of hopelessness created by the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and his party’s misrule in 16 years would not be fixed in just 100 days.
Media director of the group, Yinka Diamond stated this in a statement issued during the weekend in Osogbo.
According to the group, “It is very ludicrous, to say the least, for any reasonable person to evaluate someone with a four-year mandate in 100 days. It is not possible for President Buhari to put things right in one-stop check considering endemic nature of corruption perpetrated by the succeeding administrations since 1999.
“The bastardisation of Nigeria’s economy in the hands of few cabals in the Peoples Democratic Party cannot magically be fixed in 100 days,” adding that President Buhari’s steps so far had given majority of Nigerians a rare hope of better tomorrow.
“The seemingly documents being paraded as promises made by President Buhari does not emanate from either his party, the APC, or the campaign team that handled his electioneering. The two veritable documents, ‘My Covenant with Nigerians’ and APC Manifestos are documents upon which Nigerians should hold him responsible and not the unfounded timeline document flaunted around,” it said.
The group, however, admonished Nigerians to cooperate with the president as he steadily brings to an end ages of underdevelopment and gargantuan corruption in the country.

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