Barely two weeks of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s All Progressives Party, APC government, Nigerians have continued to clamour for the actualisation of the much promised change by the party despite the crises rocking its leadership.
First of the crises was the selection of the leaders of the Senate by a few members of the APC in connivance with all senators of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Although, APC has since rejected Senator Saraki because the party would have preferred Senator Ahmed Lawan (Yobe North) to have emerged Senate President. This interest prompted the party to conduct mock election for the duo of Saraki and Lawan while the latter emerged as the party’s candidate, Senator George Akume emerged as the candidate for the office of the Deputy Senate President.
The party was yet to recover from the betrayal at the Senate, when another ‘coup’ took place at the lower chamber of the National assembly. Hon. Yakubu Dogara floored the party’s preferred candidate, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, to emerge the speaker of the House of Representatives.
Political analysts, legal practitioners as well as party stalwarts have refused to divorce their interests from the current occurrence in the political centre-stage.
Speaking with this desk, a PDP chieftain and President General of Orisun Igbomina, a socio-cultural group in Kwara State, Chief Gbenga Awoyale noted that political situation in our country really calls for sober reflection.
According to him, “The nation indeed desires aggressive lubrication and ability to address issues empirically and shun all forms of rhetoric. As we can all observe keenly, the days of the PDP at the helm of affairs has been successfully challenged and defeated by the opposition, APC, in the last general elections. “As you can recall the election was full of both realistic and unrealistic promises to the electorate. The minds of Nigerians were terribly poisoned against the Goodluck Jonathan-led PDP government with claims that his administration was responsible for the insurgency in the North-East because the then President is from Bayelsa State in the South-South region.
“But as God will have it, we had a God fearing President who put the interest of the nation first and never thought of retaining himself in power. He created an enabling environment where political reforms can thrive amidst conflicting interests.
“He adequately funded the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in order to enable them carry out their constitutional duties effectively. He also provided neutral playing ground for political parties to showcase their programmes and agenda for the people.
“Even before the conclusion of the collation of the results, former President Jonathan had already called his opponent, President Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him.
“The sacrifice made by Jonathan for the unity of this nation is so enormous and that is why you him becoming celebrity even within the international community.
“So with these and many other things that occurred behind the scene, we were anxiously waiting to see the “change” slogan which dominated the nation’s political atmosphere. But unfortunately, with the current situation at the centre stage, I think there is serious need for re-organisation, reorientation and resoluteness among party men for a better Nigeria.”
While speaking on the matter of the National Assembly, the PDP chieftain added, “Without mincing words, it is obvious that the action and inactions that eventually led to the emergence of the leaders of the National Assembly, especially Senate President, lacks patriotism.
“For you to understand my point better, let me give you an instance. President Jonathan would have loved to continue as the nation’s President, that was his personal interest. But the interest of the electorate, which we can call national interest is for the government to change. Therefore, the interest of the people (national interest) thereby superseded that of Goodluck Jonathan (personal interest) along party line.
“So when you critically observe what is going on now, you will agree with me that party loyalty and discipline was grossly abused. As our democracy advances, our hope was that party politics would be adequately given attention to further foster efficiency and sanity in our reform.
“In that case, members should see the interest of their political party which was instrumental to their victory first. Party loyalty should never be compromised for any reason; it is just like parenthood because it goes beyond mere association.
“Although, politicians’ selfish interests have made it become so rampant that they defect from political party to the other in pursuant of nothing but their personal agendas which doesn’t comfort with international best practice.
“Meanwhile, concerning the National Assembly, I align myself with the respected elder statesmen, Professor Itse Sagay, SAN, who has also made his opinion known on the matter. Not only that, an average person on the street can also adjudicate this matter.
“It is just as simple as anything because an agreement voluntarily entered into shall be binding on signatories. All party members chose to belong to where they are, having studied and digested the constitution and party guidelines.
“Therefore, individual members must be ready to bury or forfeit his or her interest for that of the party and ensure that at the end of the day, the result becomes and shared victory or loss as the case may be.
“Unfortunately, we have seen a situation where the interest of an individual over rode that of his party.…
“The emergence of Senator Bukola Saraki as the Senate President is not only an embarrassment to the party that produced him, but it is a calamity to the nation.
“This calls for urgent attention, at least for the sake of our younger generations and the yet unborn ones because what this connotes is that you can get whatever you desire not minding due process or integrity.
“To me that is the highest level of irresponsibility, insincerity and disloyalty. It is absolutely condemnable and challengeable. Let me also ask you that what are you expecting from a forum that is led and occupied by people with questionable character? Therefore, Nigerians should expect nothing but disappointment and system failure.”
However, it would be recalled prior to the May 29 handover date, President Muhammadu Buhari had expressed fear over his ability to govern the nation declaring that the tasks ahead of him was daunting and appealed to Nigerians to thread softly with him due to the numerous casing promises made. In reaction to whether President Buhari can perform any miracle to salvage Nigeria, Awoyale disclosed, “It is laughable. How would you expect a President to perform effectively in this kind of situation when he his tightly working with his enemies?
“Apart from having PDP members who are opposition, many elected members of the National Assembly have one case or the other to answer during their last political career as governors in their respective states. They have decided to tour the path they followed in order to protect their dirty linen.
“They are all corrupt and now, they have succeeded in imposing a professional colleague (Bukola Saraki) of theirs as their president.
“So, as far as I’m concern, the President has compromised his desire to cleanse the nation. How does he want to get his anti-corruption bill passed among other sincere economic projects? Therefore it is now obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari is sitting on a time bomb which can explode at anytime if not properly checked.”
He similarly expressed his views over the poor start of the APC government stressing,
“…You will also recall that President Buhari has ordered for the re-opening of the $182 million Halliburton bribery scandal case calling for the prosecution of all those that are involved.
“Meanwhile, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar will soon face the wrath of the law if found guilty in the allegation. It is because of this that made Atiku to be conniving with some disgruntle element to sabotage Buhari’s effort since the National Assembly also has prominent roles to play in governance.
“In fact, former President Olusegun Obasanjo has once dared Atiku to follow him to the United States of America, USA and see whether he will return or not. So many of his likes are there in USA serving jail terms.
“You can also see that the former governors are currently members of the National Assembly and they have Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC cases to answer. I have said it several times that with these kinds of elements surrounding Buhari, it will be difficult for him to perform any miracle.”
Awoyale therefore expressed confidence that the PDP will come up stronger and take over government in 2019. He said, “You can see it by yourself now. It is clear. PDP has already taken over the leadership of the National Assembly and this is a good omen for the survival of our party. APC has failed in its entirety.
“It is obvious now that the G5 governors are coming back to the party. They have now seen that the PDP is a reliable groom that can be married to. They have now tasted to lovers and saw the best in the PDP. So what we have now is approximately APDPC government which will soon be put right.”

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