• Sai buhari ! My able presido,You are inorder.May God continue to guide and protect you as you are bringing sanity into this our Country Nigeria.Be fearless and do the needful We are with you.

    Any atempt to jeopardize you effort in the process..shall be mate with great resistance. Pick strong military men and women to work with..those who are extra loyal to you and fortifiy yourself with adoration ministry led by father Ejike mbaka for dry fasting and prayers. Do sucessfully by generating upto 10 thousand megavites into our national grid before the end of your first tenure,then 2019 to your second tenure doesnt need campaign ı assure you.

    With Good performance,you will make your 8 years and nigerians shall push for constitutional change for tenue elongation to continue you good work untill the foundation you laid is sustained.

    Long live Buhari!

    Long live federal republic of nigeria!

    We are hopeful now.

    Sai buhari?

    Sai baba!