PRESIDENT of the United
States of America, Barack
Obama, has extended an
invitation to Nigeria’s
President, Muhammadu
Buhari, to visit the White
House on July 20.
The invitation was confirmed
by Ambassador Susan Rice
via her twitter handle; @
AmbassadorRice when
she tweeted, “Today, we
announced the @WhiteHouse
visit next month of Nigerian
President Buhari, who was
inaugurated in May after a
historic election.”
Nigerian Pilot gathered
that Buhari’s White House
invitation may not be
unconnected with his brief
meeting with President Obama
at the G7 meeting in Germany
early this month.
Washington DC, in a
statement yesterday, said
Obama would host Buhari in
a symbolic show of solidarity,
during which they would
discuss combating Boko
Haram militants as well as
economic and political issues.
“President Obama will
host Nigerian President
Muhammadu Buhari at the
White House on July 20. The
visit will mark our support for
the Nigerian people following
their historic democratic
elections and peaceful transfer
of power,” the statement
Obama’s administration had
faced criticism for not planning
to visit Nigeria during a twonation
Africa tour to Kenya and
Ethiopia also slated for July.
The White House said
Obama looks forward to
discussing with Buhari
the two countries’ many
shared priorities, including
US-Nigeria cooperation to
“advance a holistic, regional
approach to combating Boko
Haram, as well as Nigeria’s
efforts to advance economic
and political reforms that will
help unlock its full potential as
a regional and global leader.”
During the visit, Buhari’s
advisers are expected to
meet with their American
counterparts and discuss
building a stronger bilateral