Traditional African proverb states that the head of the head of a family, community or village is like a dust bin. Everyone with any kind of grievance, annoyance and misgivings dumps them right there; justifiably so or otherwise. In the countdown to the presidential election last year, not a few Nigerians queued behind the then candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC and current President Muhammadu Buhari on his planned crusade and eventual war against corruption. The reason was simple and very glaring: the social and economic canker worm called corruption had so eaten deep into the nation’s fabric that speculations were that before long Nigeria’s future as a developing country would be lost completely. Less than a year after and with the trillions of Naira of funds stolen by serving, sacked and retired public officers to show for it, relevant agencies of government responsible for recoveries are not about to slow down on their operations. To us, the foregoing underscores the huge task President Buhari’s anti-corruption war really is. We feel that as understanding as ever, Nigerians at home and in the diaspora are still ready to go the whole hog with the administration to recover our stolen commonwealth. But there is a moral burden that stands heavily upon the task. That is, the undying allegations of graft and outright corruption being leveled against principal aides of the President and some of his ministers. When it is allegation of some former state governors currently serving in the federal administration being fingered for graft while in their respective states administrations, they are allegations of bribery and attempted bribery by some even as they serve under the President Buhari administration. And we add the development to their non- performance even in their current beats, the question as to how positive the war against would end becomes obvious. We hasten to state also that before now, observations had been made to the effect that the administration’s anti-corruption war is heavily lopsided against members of the opposition party, especially of the immediate
past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. There is also the question as to the lopsidedness of federal appointments made by the President so far which many see as more in favour of the North, specifically, the North West geopolitical zone from which the President hails. Put together, we note that knowingly or unknowingly, the moral question as to the sincerity of the administration to the objective of the anti-corruption war begs for answer. Instructively, we hold that corruption, be it economic, financial or administrative as in appointments has same definition. While it is good to recover stolen monies belonging to Nigerian people, it is also good to redress issues thrown up by appointments made so far by the administration as well as it is good for President Buhari to distance himself from his appointees who may have been tainted by allegations of corruption of any description. After all, what is good for the goose is justifiably good for the gander. The same goes for sloppy ministerial performance. We equally see this as another form of corruption. On appointment to a portfolio, once the appointee realizes his shortcoming and cannot deliver, he owes the administration and this nation the duty to ask out. To continue to hold onto the office without signs of ability to deliver on schedule must be seen and taken as corruption to enrich self without really working for the prescribed pay. Not a few members of the Federal Executive Council today are guilty of this. They hide behind the aura of President Buhari and deceive us all that they are working. Many of such appointees have disappointed the President and the people, going by their perceived failure to drive the change agenda innovatively as the citizens had expected. Accordingly, we call on the President to take another look at the above in a very holistic manner and do the needful before Nigerians start to see it all as a sign of a weak presidency. Let President Buhari send the cogs in his administration’s wheel of progress back home and take away this huge moral burden that hangs precariously around the neck of the administration.