Lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency of Lagos State in the House of Representatives, Hon. Oghene Emma Egoh, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of using his anti corruption war to fight his perceived enemies.
Egoh said that Buhari’s anti-corruption war would certainly fail because it is targeted at a particular group of people in the country.
The lawmaker, warned the President of the dangers of using anti-graft agencies such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC and the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, ICPC to fight his perceived enemies.
Egoh expressed disappointment on the President’s approach to fighting corruption, saying, “You cannot fight corruption by restricting and limiting it to your political opponents.”
The lawmaker said notwithstanding that the opposition party wants him to succeed in his anti corruption campaign, he maintained that Buhari’s anti corruption was should have a human face and be broad minded.
He called on the President to beam the searchlight more on the APC members, insisting that members of the PDP were not more corrupt than the APC members.
Egoh further admonished Buhari to summon the courage, political will and be bold if he must crush the menace of corruption.
Also reacting on the current security challenges in the country, the lawmaker faulted Buhari’s approach to the fight against terrorism, stressing that it had not been satisfactory.
He instead called on the President to deploy enough soldiers and equip them adequately, adding that his current strategy against terrorism was not working.
He was of the view that the President needs to change his tactics so that the war could be won quickly.
According to him, “Let me say that the President’s approach is not satisfactory to everybody. We want him to succeed in the war against corruption, but a situation where you want to limit and restrict your anti-corruption war to a particular group of people means that you want to punish the people because they don’t belong to the same party and he want to oppress them. I want to appeal to the President to let his corruption fight be broad minded.
“You say PDP members are corrupt therefore you want to start the anti corruption fight with them, don’t forget four months before the election, over five governors of PDP crossed over to APC. Today’s APC is made up of almost half of today’s PDP members.
“Are you saying when you cross over to APC you are no more corrupt? Then what we need to do is that let everybody in PDP decamp to APC so that there is no need to fight the corruption again. The President is a statesman and highly respected.
“I want to appeal to him to quickly extend the anti corruption fight to everybody; every nook and cranny of the country, corruption is everywhere, it is in the universities. It is in the ministries; it is in the oil industry; it is in the police force; everywhere there is corruption and this corruption has grown and has not been addressed frontally.
“Now that the President wants to tackle corruption, let him be bold to make the anti corruption fight touch everybody. It won’t be good for him to start with PDP. If I were him, I will start from my own house.
“Start from APC, then the PDP down to the general public and people will know that he meant business. Let me also say that the agencies we are using to fight corruption today are very weak, to me a body like EFCC has failed.
“On insecurity, let me say first of all that the war against insurgency is war that every Nigerian want us to win, so on that we are on the same page with the President. I am of the PDP so whatever party you belong to does not matter because without security we cannot have peace; we cannot have investment, people cannot move freely and Nigerians cannot be happy. So we want to support the President to ensure the success of the war.
“Let me say straight away that the President is a general; a man all of us respect, the man who should know about war more than we who are politicians, but I want to say that his strategies have not quite worked as expected.
“Before President Jonathan left office, you saw that in the last month of his leaving office, Boko Haram was dislodged in some communities in the North-East, a lot of them were killed and some ran out of the country, we thought that was bye-bye to insurgency, but when this President came and I was expecting him to get Jonathan’s people to handover to him militarily, but it looks like there is a lot of activity and today Boko Haram have come back stronger than before.
“Two days ago, I was reading in the papers that they had to go and bombed Sambisa village again because they have come back and everyday killing is going on. I can only wish the President well; we want to appeal to the President to put more effort.
“The President should deploy up to 50, 000 soldiers into this war and mop them up and wiped them out fromof the country. By the time you begin to put a few people into the fight, it is not going to be easy to tackle this insurgency, but we pray for the President to win. I think his tactics are not working well enough; he needs to change tactics so that the war can be won very quickly.
“This is one issue where everyone is on the same page. I am not sure there is a single PDP member who will not wish the President well in this war against corruption because when there is corruption, we don’t have good roads. If roads are bad, it is because of corruption, if hospitals are not working, it is because of corruption, if schools are not working well, it is because of corruption.
“A major problem we have in this country is caused by corruption, because the country has enough funds. We want to support the President on the fight against corruption, we are also happy that the President took corruption as one of his major plans, I think after corruption security comes next. Corruption is so bad, if there is corruption you cannot even win the war that we are fighting right now.

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