CONFERENCE of Nigeria Political Parties, CNPP, has asked the federal government to stop the phone call games with President Muhammadu Buhari and face governance issues that would alleviate the suffering of the masses. The Conference observed that the continued media hype of Mr. President’s calls to different individuals were unnecessary since President Buhari has transmitted power to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, who should not be distracted at this trying times. CNPP in a statement signed by its Secretary General, Chief Willy Ezugwu yesterday, called on the National Assembly to openly investigate the President Buhari’s health status, adding that since the President has officially handed over power to the Acting President Osinbajo should be allowed to work. “We see the continued media hype of President Buhari’s phone calls and possible photo shopped pictures of individual visits to his London hospital as a distraction. “Why is Mr. President always calling from his sick bed to individuals at a time he should be resting to get well quick and return home? “If he can be talking to individuals, what is difficult about talking to the nation in a live broadcast, where some citizens can call in and get his response?” the CNPP queried. “The Presidency should stop deceiving Nigerians and know that governance must not be based on lies and propaganda. “At a time the average Nigerian does not know where the next meal will come from, we see the presidency toiling with people’s emotions rather than face governance issues to reduce the current suffering in the country. “Enough of phone calls from President Buhari. It is time for the ruling party to deliver on its campaign promises and make life better for the citizens of Nigeria,” the CNPP said. While calling on the National Assembly to investigate the true health of Mr. President, the CNPP frowned at claims of consistent telephone conversations to give instructions to the Acting President. “The true health status of President Buhari should be openly investigated by the National Assembly for Nigerians to know how to pray for their president as we suspect that a few cabals in the President’s cabinet are using his health challenges to milk the country dry. “When the cabal gives directives, they turn around and tell Nigerians that the instruction is coming from Mr. President. They should allow the Acting President to work for Nigerians who elected them. “But if the President is well enough to make daily phone calls, he should return home and govern the country, which was why he was elected in the first place,” the CNPP stated.

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  • muazu wali

    Personally I will not worry aboit the “cabal” in Buhari’s Villa. Unknown to them they have bacome irrelevant. Power and action have gradually moved to the office of the Vice Presudent. Unlike President ‘Yardua’s presidency there has never been a cabal in Buhari’s office. Everyone there works for the President if you think or pretend that you are or you can influence him you are wasting your time. You play the ole he wants you to play. We have learnt last week that Mamman Daura has been sent back home.

  • Auta62

    The CNPP has just spoken the minds of the Nigerians masses against the backdrop of those behind this dubious phone call games by the cabal around the ailing President. They know very well that the President is ill, but to keep up their position in the Presidency, they have resorted to this Internet scam game of President phone this, President phone that. Nigerians are no fools like these lackeys around PMB, whose game plan to remain relevant in governance, is for them to feed the nation continually with deceptions and lies. We are no fools like them.