CHIEF of Army staff, Lt.Gen. TukurBuratai could not hold back tears yesterday in Abuja at the burial of one of his most gallant officers,Lt. Col. Muhammadu Abu- Ali and six other personnel who were killed in an ambush by Boko Haram terrorists last Friday in Borno state. Nigeria’s army chief wept amidst tributes being paid to Lt. Col.Muhammadu Abu-Ali, the Nigerian army commander nicknamed “war king” .He was buried with six other personnel at a solemn ceremony yesterday in Abuja. The 36-year-old was one of the soldiers killed while on duty for their fatherland byBoko Haram terrorists who attacked a military base in MallamFatori, northern Borno State last Friday.
Boko Haram has been fighting the Nigerian military in its quest for its version of Islamic state in northern Nigeria. Col Abu-Ali was nicknamed Sarkin Kaki, which is Hausa for war king, and was promoted rapidly through the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel after he was one of those who led the operation to re-take the town of Baga from Boko Haram. Hundreds of people were massacred by Boko Haram in Baga in January 2015 when the army ran away from the town in what was regarded as the worst attack of Boko Haram’s insurgency. But in February of that year the army retook the town. In early 2015, Boko Haram controlled much of Borno State but it has now been pushed out of most of these areas. A journalist who reported from the
area at the height of the insurgency wrote that he couldn’t stop crying at the news of Col Abu-Ali’s death. HamzaIdris called him a fallen hero whose life was full of gallantry: “He came, he saw, he conquered and cleared the ruins for the next generation.” Nigerian President MuhammaduBuharitweeted his tribute to the commander. “No words can do justice to the patriotism and remarkable courage of these soldiers, who laid down their lives for Nigeria.” “I call on members of the Armed Forces to not allow this tragic incident dampen their spirits and resolve. Evil will not triumph over good,” he added.It was a pensive and tearful atmosphere as Muhammad Abu-Ali, Nigeria’s war hero, was buried after a national funeral in Abuja on Monday.
TukurBuratai, chief of army staff, could not hold back tears as he extolled the bravery and gallantry of Abu-Ali and his men. Six soldiers – Muazu Ibrahim, HussaniJafaru, BasseyOkon, Chukwu Simon and Patrick Paul – were also killed in the attack. They were all buried after a brief ceremony yesterday in Abuja. Abu-Ali was reputed to have led the operation to recapture Baga as well as other successful onslaughts against the insurgents. President MuhammaduBuhari, who was in Edo state at the time of the event, was represented by Abba Kyari, his chief of staff.Abu-Ali had in the course of his brilliant career received the Chief of Army Staff Award for his exceptional bravery in the war front. He was the son of Etsu of Bassange Kingdom, Brigadier-General Abu Ali[rtd].

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  • Agboshiki

    The greatest Honour to do to these fine officers and men of the Nigerian Army is to expose every one with a hand, no matter how remotely connected, in the formation and sponsorship of the demonic group; the BH, and to bring such elements to justice no matter how highly placed. Apart from this every other thing is mere lip service.