The dwindling fortune of Nigerian sports has been attributed to people who have nothing to do with sports forming a cabal and running the enterprise as their private project to the disadvantage of the country.
Senator Obinna Ogba, representing Ebonyi Central Federal Constituency, who disclosed this on Wednesday, told Nigerian Pilot Sports that until the cabal is broken, there could be no meaningful development in sports in Nigerian.
‘’When you have people who have no means of livelihood running our football, there will always be problems because they have nothing to offer in uplifting our sports especially football. In football, they are only interested in going for competitions instead of developing the game from the grass root because that is where they will collect estacode.
‘’There must be a way to change the statutes of NFF so that election will be out of world cup year. You discover that because election fall on world cup year, they instead concentrate on how they will retune rather than on how to do well at the World Cup. If there is any way to restructure the NFF statutes, it will make people to be serious with the world cup.’’
Senator Ogba said coaches and administrators are now more interested in the selling of players rather than adhere to the rules and development of the games.
‘’Like FIFA and CAF, people who are in charge of sports are tight seated even when they have nothing to offer and that encourages corruption that is now rocking the global football and by extension the Nigeria Football. If I found myself in sports committee, many things have to be done to break the cabal and change the dwindling fortune of our football and other sports.’’
He lamented that sports administrators no longer play the politics of the games and that has cost Nigeria a place in the continental and world bodies.
While acknowledging the fact that sports has not been adequately funded by government, Senator Ogba said, if he found himself in the committee on sports, he will do a lot in ensuring that government have a rethink on the monies given to sports considering the role sports has played in the integration and unity of the nation.
The former NFF board member promised that the Senate committee on sports would look into the problem surrounding the non-passage of the NFF bill and ensure that something is urgently done on it to facilitate the growth and development of football in the country.

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