THE CHIEF Executives of Cable
Manufacturers in Nigeria have given
kudos to the commitment of the Standards
Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in providing
a level playing field for genuine local
manufacture and imports into Nigeria.
Speaking under the auspices of Cable
Manufacturers Association of Nigeria
(CAMAN), the President, Mr. Ifeanyi
Uzodike expressed deep appreciation
to the SON leadership for it’s renewed
commitment and vigour to the fight against
the influx of substandard products into
Mr. Uzodike who led the Chief Executives
of CAMAN member companies to a
courtesy visit on the SON Director General,
Mr. Osita Aboloma in Lagos, acknowledged
the invaluable support of SON to the
high quality of made in Nigeria cables
through certification, under it’s Mandatory
Conformity Assessment Program.
He stated that the recent seizures of
imported, cloned made in Nigeria cables by
the SON enforcement team was worthy of
great commendation.
According to him, members of the
association owe great gratitude to SON
for it’s guidance in producing cables of the
highest quality as attested to worldwide.
The CAMAN President however urged
SON to look further into the importation
of cloned certified made in Nigeria cables,
unbranded ones, usually with short
measures in the Nigerian market.
These according to the CAMAN Chief
Executives are hurting Nigerian Consumers,
local Cable Manufacturers and the Nation’s
economy and safety of it’s people at large.
Responding, SON Director General,
Osita Aboloma pledged the continued
commitment of his organization to the
protection of all certified local products
through standardisation and quality
assurance activities.
According to him, SON has put in
place several measures to fight the unfair
competition by substandard imported
cables brought in through false declaration,
smuggling and ouright faking of certified
made in Nigeria cables.
These measures he said, have been
yielding positive results as can be attested to
by the recent seizures of large consignments
of cloned made in Nigeria cables and other
substandard products imported into the
The SON Director General disclosed some
of the measures as including the robust
collaboration with sister regulatory and
security agencies and classified treatment
of useful information from patriotic
Others according to him include,
prosecution of infractions relating to
substandard products distribution under the
SON Act No. 14 of 2015 and constant review
of strategies by the SON enforcement team.
He acknowledged the existing
collaboration between SON and CAMAN
and called for a constant review to reflect the
realities of today, stressing that the challenges
of the economy has continued to increase the
desperation of unscrupulous importers and
distributors of substandard products.
Mr. Aboloma challenged CAMAN
members to do much more to complement
SON efforts in protection of their brands,
individually and collectively through
continued provision of useful information
and logistics support among others.
He promised to look further into the issues
of unbranded cables in the Nigerian market
as well as at the various entry points into

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