THE ABOVE question
is necessary to wake us
up on and to the realities
confronting us. The need
to provide answers to it is
very pertinent.
In my view, what is
needed to save Nigeria is
intractably antagonistic
to Nigeria’s nature and
character as a state.
What are needed to save
Nigeria are basic and simple
but yet humongously
overwhelming for and to
our will, if we have it at all.
I have suggested and still
suggest that it is important
that we allow individual
ethnic nationalities to
have greater controls on
their economic, social
and political issues. A
replication of the European
Union model could work
to save Nigeria. But such
a beautiful idea would not
be allowed by those who
want to dominate, enslave
and exploit others.
While we are still
wandering and sauntering
on this trajectory, the
fight for moral sanitation
of the polity must exude
some basic variables. All
thieves” must be treated
the same way. There
should be no preferred
“thieves.” No hypocrisy.
Apply the same rules to all
without favour. Political
party affiliation should not
determine who is probed
or not or someone’s
presumed Innocence. It
is either we forgive every
thief since 1960 and move
on on a new platter. Or we
hold everyone accountable
without let or hindrance
and without favour,
nepotism and partiality.
There is great need for
fairness, justice, equality
and balance. No sacred
cows and essentially, he
who must come to equity
must do so with clean
Unfortunately, those who
have been in charge of the
country most of the times
have dirty hands. They are
encumbered in the pursuit
of justice and supremacy
of the law and are not
interested in equality of all
before the law.
Currently, for example,
Alhaji Mohammadu
Buhari, the so called
“Mr Integrity” is reeking
with dirt and frauds,

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surrounded by frauds, revel
in it and even publicly
defend frauds. There are
more than enough evidences
in the public space to sustain
this perspective. Yet, we
still find people who are
supposed to be respectable,
good examples in the society,
confused about their own
moral definitions. They
defend obvious lies and
acts that are condemnable,
leaving our youth in
perplexity as to what is
desirable for the polity.
Unless we want to deceive
ourselves, the reasons for
such behaviours are self
evident. No one believes
in Nigeria. Nigeria is seen
as belonging to no one and
everyone is scrambling to
fleece it. It is looting galore
before the wobbly edifice
collapses and everyone
returns to his or her tents,
an inevitability that is
I don’t want this to be
about Buhari, a personality
that has never disappointed
me. Only a palpable idiot
would expect a leopard to
change its spots. But if you
could imagine the President
or Head of State of a country
campaigning against the
appointment of his own
citizen in the comity of
Nations, or of a president
instructing an international
help body to neglect some
part of the country he
presides upon, or his days

under Sanni Abacha as the
Chairman of Petroleum
Trust Fund when he spent
54% of all the funds on three
states comprising where he
originated out 36 states, you
would understand what I
mean about no one believing
in Nigeria.
More so, a master – servant
relationship could never
sustain a nation, much less
a country that Nigeria is.
History teaches us that this
is the main reason Empires
have fallen and many
kingdoms have kissed the
dust. The spirit of man
abhors bondage of any kind.
It would fight until it is free.
The spirit of man abhors
injustice and it would resist
it at all costs and at all times.
Repression would fuel it,
oppression would water it,
aggression would fertilize
it, injustice would ferment
it and inequality would
synthesize it. Please, read
your History very well,
you would be able to get
or understand my message
about Nigeria. You can’t
deny others the freedom you
want for yourself.
This is why I have come to
the conclusion after serious
study and research that
Nigeria will not make it. We
can lie to ourselves. We can
paper over the real issues. We
can even seek to benefit from
the obvious tragedies of the
Nigerian state, it would not
impede its geometrical slide

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into decadence that would
cause its implosion and its
destined disintegration.
The nature and character of
the Nigeran State, which I
have explained in several
writings, have created the
conditions for its eventual
demise which is inevitable.
But my concern is why
can’t we all be honest with
each other, sit around the
table and seek peaceful break
up of this miasma? Why are
we deceiving ourselves?
Why are we pretending
that this would work when
it has never worked and
would never work? Can’t
we all see that we don’t want
Nigeriaby our actions and
not what we say?
Why are we playing with
blood of the innocent? Don’t
we love our women, children
and have a heart for the
weak among us? Why must
this lead to preventable war
or wars? Why are we afraid
to do what makes sense and
break up this country? Why
do we carouse in the comfort
of inaction; constellate in
the cocoon of lies; doze in
draped deceit and drool in
drooped duplicity as the
fire turns into dangerous
conflagration, pretending
we have a country when
we honestly know that we
don’t? Why? Why?
The answer, it seems,
could be found in the very
attitude of embracing deceit,
lies, dishonesty, duplicity

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insincerity, injustice,
hypocrisy, inequality,
inequity and iniquity
among others. And if we
remain recalcitrant and
continue on this path,
whether we like it or not,
there would be hell to pay.
The fight for liberty never
ends and its field never
quiet. This is why scaring
those determined to be free
with the ugliness of war
would never be successful.
And funnily, you don’t
need any consensus for
war to be ignited. And
when war is forced to come
it would lay bare all the
falsities. The only antidote
for prevention of war is to
“let my people go.” Allow
them to self determine
their own destiny. Give
them their freedom.
It is time to do what is
reasonable, sit around
the table and break up
Nigeria. I know this advice
would invite the contempt
of some, but it is not
impossible, because if we
fight a war, we might still
come back to that table to
sort things out. So, why
not do it now and prevent
unnecessary bloodshed?
Time is running out. We
all must realise that our
patience levels are intra –
generationally and inter
– generationally different.
The dynamics of this
difference would be the
catalyst of what happens.