Prostitution is the practice of having sexual intercourse with someone in exchange for money or other benefits. Contrary to popular views, it is not only women who are prostitutes as there are also male prostitutes too. In the Battle of the Sexes, men and women share their opinions on taking a prostitute as spouse…

Marriage is a life-long thing. It takes a lot of efforts to sustain it and a lot of understanding. Not to compound the problem, I won’t marry a prostitute for anything. Any slight tension in the home can make it snap. Many have lost their homes due to their past catching up with them.
But if anyone must marry a prostitute, let it be because he did not know and let the prostitute change location. If she did it in the south west for instance, she should relocate to the north or the east when she repents. She should go where she’s not known and start a really new and clean life.

It is a bad thing to think of, that one’s wife was once a prostitute. You may not know the life of a prostitute but it is not what normal people call life. Marrying them means you are marrying the other men that they have submitted to. Whenever you see her, a mental picture of the men she has slept with flashes through your mind. Their imaginary presence brings hatred. You may love her but family members may detest her for her past life and turn to make the family unbearable for her.

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I cannot marry a prostitute. She will never be committed to you because she is a fragmented person. She has nothing left for you. She has seen everybody, what makes you different? You are talking about a marriage designed in hell. There will be no trust. She is use to people not regarding her as worthy, so you treating her as a person would be so not comfortable. The marriage may not be successful. She will eventually return to prostitution except the yoke is broken by the power of God.

Yes, I would marry an ex prostitute. I wouldn’t actively go searching for an ex-call girl, but if I fell in love with a woman, and later found out she was previously a call girl, it wouldn’t change the way I felt about her. She will still be the woman I fell in love with. Her past is her past, we have all done things we are not too proud of, some worse than prostitution. If a man can patronise a prostitute-heck yes he should marry one!


I cannot marry a man who is a prostitute or who patronised prostitutes in the past. Venturing into such a marriage is like taking a leap in the dark; such a union more often than not vaporises just as fast as they happen.
I can only do that if I were a prostitute too so that our union will be convenient for us. From what I see, many of these unions are out of convenience. In this case we will be easy targets for one another. We are both hunters and prey.

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I believe that in the long run, no matter where any couple starts off, if they do not share common goals, values, the ability to adapt, compromise and effectively communicate when differences arise they will face the same challenges like any other relationship.
Most people who marry men who were prostitutes turn out to have very stressful relationships as they generally have many crazy exes. If you happen to have a normal relationship with a prostitute most times it ends up failing due to jealousy.

Honestly I cannot put up with the idea of marrying a man who patronises prostitutes talk more of marrying a man who is a prostitute. If you really want to make it work and this goes for just about any relationship. You need to first accept who you are and know what you can and cannot live with. Secondly, you need to fully accept the other person completely for who they are, for their faults and their best qualities.
Every person will have traits that you will love and loathe. It is up to you to decide if the good ones are worth taking, or the bad ones and being able to see past those traits with understanding that the other person has most likely done the same for you. If any of those traits overwhelm you, you need to speak with the other and let them know it is an issue so that the both of you have a chance to work it out. If you are not willing to work it out then it was not meant to be.

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The fact is, I can only marry a prostitute if I am desperately craving for marriage. At this point I would not want to look at his past because the present is what is important for me. I know it is not going to be easy dealing with the idea that your husband was a former prostitute .What if you have children tomorrow and by whiskers they get to know that their father was once a prostitute. How do explain things to them? What about other family members? They may not welcome him and he will have hard time trying to proof himself to everyone.