Federal Character Commission, FCC, has begun investigation into the allocation of capital projects and other socio-economic infrastructures to the various geo-political zones in the country and respective states in the last five years.
The veiled probe, according to the executive secretary of the commission, Dr. Shettima Bukar Abba, is to ascertain whether the federal character principles were fairly and equitably applied in the distribution of capital projects and other infrastructures to the six geo-political zones.
The executive secretary said the commission resolved to investigate capital projects distribution following incessant complaints by the various geo-political zones of marginalisation and political victimisation in the allocation of infrastructures by the immediate past and even the present administration.
“We are determined to pursue vigorously our second mandate which is to ensure equitable and fair distribution of infrastructures, socio-economic and social amenities. Of course, the law empowers us to look at allocation of infrastructure, social amenities, economic projects.
“Already, we are studying the five-year budget from 2011 to 2016 to see what was capital projects were located to which geo-political region and see whether it fairly reflected the federal character principles.
“We are focusing on capital projects which were captured in budgets between the period of 2011 and 2016. The commission is looking at projects such as power infrastructure, roads, water supply infrastructure, and educational infrastructures. We shall also look at projects sited in states within the respective geo-political zones to ensure no one state got more than it should ordinarily have had,” he said, stressing that the federal character principles demand equitability and fairness in distribution of capital projects to all parts of the federation.
The commission, he continued, would equally probe allocations of NAPEP projects, SURE-P and even beneficiaries of ‘You-Win’ to ensure that an individual or few individuals did not arrogate to themselves what ought to have been meant for the generality of the public.
“In doing that, we shall take note of projects that cut across states and regions like road: East-West road, railways to see how things are being provided and the benefitting states. We shall look at how new universities were located.
“Socio-economic projects, like the ‘You-win’ which we were not previously looking at but was meant to cushion the adverse effects of harsh economic situation and it was a national project. Now, we have resolved to scrutinize the books and see what criteria were used to allocate projects and social benefits to the various beneficiaries. We shall look at scholarships awarded to students to see how fairly it was distributed and on what basis,” he said.
The commission, according to him, is buying into the change mantra of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to attempt to correct what had been done wrongly and ensure that subsequently, whatever exercise embarked upon is conducted in strict compliance with the federal character principles.

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