Carlos Tevez’s agent confirmed he’ll go back to Boca Juniors, “but wants to respect his Juventus contract” until 2016.
The striker has made it clear he wants to end his playing days at his former club in Argentina, but on Friday President Daniel Angelici said they are “closer” to getting him than ever.
Angelici repeatedly said it’s up to Tevez to terminate his contract with Juve by mutual consent before the June 2016 expiry.
“Enough, he is playing with the sentiments of the fans, as much the Boca supporters as the Juve ones,” agent Adrian Ruocco told Radio La Red.
“The only guarantee is that Tevez wants to respect his contract withJuventus. We want to avoid further pressure on Tevez in a decisive moment of the season for him and Juventus.
“As everyone knows, Tevez will end his career at Boca. There are no doubts about that, as he is getting a house built, has decided to invest in his country and wants to be near friends and family.
“However, he will return later on and we still need to see when, because he has a contract to respect. As of today, that contract is to 2016.”
Some have pointed out that “as of today” still leaves the door open for a termination by mutual consent, but could equally translate to adding one more year in Turin.

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