As part of its efforts towards the full implementation of the BVN project, the central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, in collaboration with key stakeholders in the Nigerian banking industry has finalised the guidelines for the enrolment of Nigerian banks’ customers in Diaspora.
The plan is to rollout this operation in 12 locations in the first
These locations are Leicester, New York, Atlanta,
Washington DC, Houston, Johannesburg, Beijing, Shangai, Ghuanghzou, Dubai and New Deihi.
The second phase will include locations with lower concentrations of Nigerians which will be accommodated through schedule sessions for defied periods.
This was contained in a circular obtained from the CBN website
yesterday signed by its director of Banking and Payments System Department, Dipo Fatokun, with Ref: BPS/DIR/GEN/05/009 addressed to all deposit money banks and the general public.
The circular, which provided the framework for the enrolment of Nigerian banks’ customers in Disapora for bank verification number issuance, stated that Nigerian banks customers in Diaspora could present themselves for enrolment for the BVN without travelling to Nigeria.
The CBN advised customers of Nigerian banks to present themselves to the offshore branches/subsidiaries of any Nigerian deposit money bank, where such facilities have been made available for the enrolment for the BVN.
“The deployment of scanners and other devices to these
locations have started in earnest,” he said.
Nigerian banks abroad are expected to capture necessary data, generate a BVN and communicate same to the customers. Thereafter, the customers are expected to forward the assigned BVN to their banks for linkage with their accounts.
A web portal to achieve this linkage to bank accounts has been developed and deployed while the process of such linkage will be made available by NIBSS to all those enrolled abroad.
CBN also directed all deposit money banks with branches/subsidiaries abroad to work with NIBSS to ensure a seamless implementation of this option.
However, the apex bank has engaged online integrated solution company to establish stations for data capture and generation of BVN at a fee of thirty pounds or its equivalent per transaction, payable by the customer.
The company is expected to capture necessary data for
online transmission to NBISS who would thereafter generate the BVN and communicate same to the customer.
CBN said that the customer may approach OIS for the BVN where the communication from the BIBSS is not received within 48 hours after the enrolment.
Thereafter Nigerian banks, customers in Diaspora are
expected to forward their BVN to their banks for linkage with their accounts.

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