AS IS the practice every year,
Nollywood filmmaker Charles Novia
has released his list of actresses whom
he believes were the best during the
course of 2017.
Using my annual templates of
characterisation, internalisation,
visualisation and articulation as score
points, here are my five best actresses.
After a hiatus of sorts, perhaps
‘building up’ somewhere (if the pun
is noticed), Kate returned and showed
her prowess in two movies in 2017;
‘Roti’ and ‘The Women’. Showing her
trademark ability to interpret roles
in genres, Kate had a point to prove
with her return to the big screen. I was
I later found out that Zynell is a
Ghanaian after I watched her in ‘Hire
a Man’. Doesn’t matter. She was quite
good in the movie and I had to search
her out in a couple of other movies
in the preceding year too. There’s an
intensity in her acting and this lady
knows her onions (or would one say
her jollof since she’s from Ghana!). One
to watch, this Zynell.
In the Africa Magic popular series,
‘Battleground’, Shaffy is a delight to
watch as she interpretes her role with great panache and precision. She’s got
one of the best articulation I have ever
heard in the industry and though, she’s
much too overexposed in other TV
series too, she is quite an actress. Well
done, Shaffy!
A return to the big screen after some
years in hiatus, saw Omotola sizzle in
the movie ‘Alter Ego’ where she plays
a mentally challenged lady with deep
conflicts. She was also outstanding in
the movie ‘The Tribunal’ as Arese. It
was a good comeback for Omotola
in 2017 and worthy of mention…and
awards too.
I must confess I had no clue
who Omowunmi Dada was at the
beginning of the year. I kid you not.
But seeing her in ‘Omugwo’ startled
me and I began asking questions and
got pleasant answers.
I backtracked to a few other movies
she featured in over the years and also
watched her much on ‘Jemeji’. This is
an actress on the rise and one who will
blow..or has blown? It doesn’t matter.
There is a pristine naturalism in Ms
Dada’s acting and she is a delight to
watch. Two thumbs up. She’s my pick
for The Best Actress in 2017 *Next: My
Best 5 Nollywood Actors in 2017.

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