Renowned wrestler, John Cena starred in a sex scene with Amy Schumer. Commenting on the reaction of the scene, the wrestler revealed that his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, who starred on “Total Divas”, was not too pleased about that.
Cena said, “Yeah, it was uncomfortable. I never thought I would get the part in the first place. Then I got the part and was thinking I have to be naked. It was nerve racking. Amy was fantastic. Everyone embraced the comedy. Nicole had every right to be upset because I did not tell her about it at first.
“I never really approached her with “I’m trying to do this thing.” Nicole had every right to be mad because I should have told her from the beginning. She’s great. A relationship is based on communication. She knows I’m head over heels in love with her.’
On why he decided to put his private affairs for public consumption, Cena said ‘It is weird. When they came to us with the concept of “Total Divas” it wasn’t so accepted around the WWE. Those girls who chose to put their lives are some of the bravest. I wanted nothing but success for her.’

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