Kidnapping is a global issue that many parts of the world have been facing for years. In Nigeria, America, Mexico and other parts of the world, kidnapping is being experienced and good governments are doing the much they can to ensure that the kidnappers are arrested and brought to book.
According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, kidnapping is abducting and holding anybody captive, typically to obtain ransom. Some kidnappers feel happy when ransom is paid to them while others may hold the captive for some time to demand for more from the owners of the victims.
Kidnapping is one of the challenges in Nigeria. There are challenges in Nigerian education and so is corruption but the challenge of kidnapping in the country now has drawn the attention of both the citizens of the country and that of international organizations. Facts and figures show that kidnapping challenge in the country is high.
There are many causes of kidnapping in general and among them include unemployment, poverty, religion, political issues, quest for prosperity and so on. Also, kidnapping has effects or consequences. The rate at which kidnapping is practiced in the world can be reduced with the acceptance and involvement of certain measures.
Men abduct other men to get paid and enrich their pockets. Some people have made a lot of money in kidnapping and some have taken it as their business. The missing of children in United States is not unheard. This is one of the things that the security department of the country is working to overcome. According to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States.

Kidnapping in Nigeria
This subheading is figured out due to the level of interest in kidnapping in this part of Africa in the recent years. Both national and international bodies are coming together to see if the level of kidnapping in Nigeria will be reduced to some extent. Chad, Cameroon, and United States of America recently joined in the fight against kidnapping in Nigeria, which is mostly the one carried out by the Boko Haram group. The kidnapping by the Boko Haram in the country was considered by many as both political and religious. This is observation base on the communication between the headmen of the group and the government.
Kidnapping in Nigeria has recorded many casualties, including the abduction of about 276 Chibok school girls on April 14, 2014 by the Boko Haram insurgents. These girls were between ages of 17 and 18, according to sources. Another face of kidnapping in Nigeria is the one conducted by the mere citizens of the country to enrich their pockets. The largest numbers of people that are into this practice are mainly youths who are backed up with rich men that take it as a modern system of business.
The kidnappers target rich men and children in the society to demand for ransom from the relation of the captive before setting the victim free. Most of the kidnappers when caught revealed that they kidnapped because they needed money to solve their personal problems, and they did not have any job because of high unemployment in the country.
The government of Anambra state of Nigeria recently made a new law based on the punishment any perpetrator caught in the act of kidnapping will receive. The law was made during the leadership of Governor Peter Obi of APGA. The law stipulates that any person caught in the offence of kidnapping will be sentenced to death and whatever the perpetrator has used the money to do will all be destroyed. Similar states in the country have enacted capital punishments for kidnappers because of the high rate of the illegal business bedeviling the country.

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Causes of Kidnapping
The basic causes of kidnapping include the following:

The high unemployment rate in many countries of the world has pushed the citizens to make money through kidnapping. The unemployed youth migrate from their unemployed states to kidnapping to make money through cut-corners. They believe that when they kidnap the rich, they will share in the riches of the affluent and getting their own cut.
Any person that lives below $1.25 a day is said to be a poor person. Poverty is like a propelling force to people that find shelter in kidnapping business. They find themselves in kidnapping because they are no longer happy with the condition they find themselves. Inside of them, they strongly have faith that one successful trip in kidnapping will fetch them the money they will use to start-up any clean business of their choice.

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This is another vital point that may not be found in other literatures. Illiteracy is the inability of a person to read or write. A person who shows such behaviour is known as an illiterate. When people can read and write, they gain knowledge that can help them in life. Also, literacy makes people to really understand the core consequence of a particular action, irrespective of whether religion supports that action or not.
Religious cause
Religion is another cause of kidnapping as claimed by some followers. Some people love their religion so much that even when they have wrong perception of the religion they believe that it is purely right. Many kidnapping in the world today have their root cause in religious faith, although no true religion, especially Islam and Christianity, teaches kidnapping. The head of one religion may however want to overshadow the other and propel his men to go into kidnapping of the opponent. Sometimes with the aim of making money to finance their activities, including buying food items, weapons etc.
Some men want to gather everything in the world. Even at the point of their death, they still admire and covet other people’s money. When men are not contented with what they have, they go into kidnapping to make more money. A wicked businessman can kidnap his business opponent to take some money from him and become richer.

A typical example of where politics can be a cause of kidnapping is the one experienced in Nigeria and some other parts of the world. Some political thugs who are sponsored by the politicians arrange kidnapping of their opponents to send a warning signal to their opponents ahead of elections. Sometimes, they do this so that their opponents will give up their political aspiration they too are interested in.

A society where corruption is taken as normal, is likely to experience a high level of kidnapping. The truth is that when government of any country seriously indulges in corruption by embezzling public fund, the citizens map out plans to kidnap these politicians to get their own ‘national cake’ through that means.
Recently, the Bauchi state police command successfully arrested three young boys including a 100 level student of Federal Polytechnic Bauchi who connived and abducted a three year old boy in trying to get a ransom amount to buy car.
Parading the suspects before newsmen, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Bauchi state police command, DSP Haruna Muhammad said police detectives attached to Township Division arrested one Salisu Abdullahi Salmanu of Kofar Idi for kidnapping a 3 years old boy, Abdulajdir Salmanu.
He stated that Abdullahi conspired with Imrana Abdullahi, Abdullahi Moh’d and Umar Musa with four others that at large to kidnap Abdulkadir Salmanu and took him to Gwallameji in Bauchi local government area and demanded N10million ransom from the parents.
Speaking to Friday Magazine, one of the suspects, 19-year-old Saliu Abdullahi Salman, a 100 level student of Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi said he kidnapped his 3 year old step brother in order to raise money to buy a car.
Salman who was paraded alongside his three friends explained that he needed money to buy a car and the only way he could get such money from his father was through kidnapping and ransom payment.
“I am an accountancy student of Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. Though the father has the money but if I demanded such money from him he will refuse because he will tell me he has three wives and will have to cater for other children; so I planned with my friends to kidnap my step brother who is 3 years old so that my friends can call him and demand for ransom, so that when he pays the ransom, I can collect my own share and use it to buy car,” he said.
Another suspect, Abdullahi Mohammed said they had no intention of harming the boy but their intention was to get money from his father to satisfy their own needs hence the decision to demand for N10million but they negotiated with the father who accepted to pay N3million. However, the suspect said they rejected the N3million proposed by the father, saying it was too meager, and that made him to raise the amount to N5million before they were arrested by the police.

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